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Formulas  Grapefruit & Shea Butter Soap 150g

Formulas Grapefruit & Shea Butter Soap 150g


Cleansing, moisturising and deliciously refreshing, the Arran Grapefruit & Shea Butter Soap bar is made with beautifully scented essential oils, combining the freshness of grapefruit and the softness of shea butter. A real luxury to add to your bath or shower routine, the Grapefruit and Shea Butter soap lathers up easily to create a nourishing layer across the skin that counteracts oiliness whilst adding moisture back into the skin. An irresistible scent and an unbeatable formula.

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Our Formulas collection is expertly blended to rejuvenate your skin from head to toe. Each product has been uniquely scented with essential oils to comfort and restore your inner calm.

Designed to make you feel good, discover our collection of skin care, body care, soaps and hand care, brimming with a variety of fragrances and essential oils to uplift and revive body, mind and soul.