Introducing ARRAN Naturals Deodorant

Natural Deodorant is not an Anti-Perspirant

Anti-perspirant contains aluminium salts which block the pores and prevent sweating. Natural deodorants allow the body to sweat which is a natural and an important function. Alternative ingredients such as tapioca starch have been used because they absorb moisture and will keep you dry all day. With our Natural Deodorant you will experinece a synergistic blend of three natural ingredients that have up to 24hr body odour protection.

The Benefits of Sweating

Why switch to a Natural Deodorant?

Choosing a natural deodorant instead of an anti-perspirant allows the skin to breathe and activates sweat glands.

This is a GOOD THING, here's why...

- Helps skin filter toxins from the body

- Boosts the immune system

- Cools and regulates body temperature

The Anti-Perspirant Detox Explained

Your body will take some time to readjust

Initially when switching, you may experience more sweating
and body odour than you're used to. This is completely normal and is due to the change of bacteria under your arms. Your body has become acustomed to the ingredients in anti-perspirant such as aluminium salts which clogs pores. This is a short-term adjustment and can range from 2 – 4 weeks. Not everyone will experience this, every person is different.

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