Introducing ARRAN Naturals

Introducing ARRAN Naturals

Welcome to Island Time

Everyone will agree that focussing on wellbeing is key to a happier, more balanced life.

That’s all great in theory, but how do you achieve wellbeing easily, and isn't it just another thing you need to add to your already very busy day?

After much thought & expert formulation, we've reimagined your routine & developed the concept of Island Time.

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How do I achieve Island Time?

Island Time is a state of mind...

The ARRAN Naturals collection is about adding touches of wellbeing to a daily routine without having to take any additional steps.

No gym session, no caffeine hit, no journaling required. Just do the things you normally do - take a shower in the morning, wash hands throughout the day, moisturise before bed.

Simply Choose a Naturals Expression and without any extra effort, allow the functional fragrance and active ingredients to do the heavy lifting. Think of each use as a little moment on a tranquil Island in your mind, with the scents of Arran transporting you into a blissful state of peace.

Choose your expression

Expression 1. MINDFUL

Lemon & Patchouli with added Geranium to support emotional balance.

Expression 2. CALM

Lavender & Chamomile added Vetiver to improve your mood and calm your nerves.

Expression 3. AWAKEN

Peppermint & Eucalyptus with added Rosemary to boost enegry & reduce tension.

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