Our Eco-Friendly Commitments

The ARRAN Sustainability Promise

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is proudly made in Scotland and has been inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Isle of Arran for over 30 years. As a result, we’re committed to protecting our natural environment and are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint. Working with TAP (Think About Plastic), ARRAN Sense of Scotland is proud to support the 'Plastic Free Community' status of the Isle of Arran.


A Tree Planted for Every Review

Our subscription to Treefo means that every time you leave us a review, we help fund a tree-planting project. 

We wanted to be sure our sustainability commitments would have an authentic impact on the planet. That is why we’re happy that Feefo has partnered with Ecologihq to ensure that each seed is nurtured into a full-grown tree. 

Post-Consumer Recycled Material

We Use Recycled Plastic for our Bottles

Our procurement strategy and product offerings are focused around minimising single use plastics while maximising the amount of recyclable materials in our products. All ARRAN Sense of Scotland bottles are made of 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) material from diverted ocean plastic, hence eliminating the use of virgin plastic in our bottles.

Our Sustainable Partners

Diverting Over 1000 Tonnes Of Plastic From Entering The Ocean Monthly

Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic made from discarded plastic bottles found and collected within 30 miles of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. The regions most exposed to ocean plastic waste are overwhelmed by population growth or tourism and lack waste management infrastructure and collection incentives, which exposes their ecosystems and wildlife to the risk of ocean plastic contamination.

By carefully selecting our packaging providers, we successfully reduce the amount of plastic found in the ocean.

Eco-Friendly Refills

Reducing Plastic Consumption by up to 76%

While we as a business are eliminating the use of virgin plastic in our bottles, we are helping our customers reduce their daily plastic consumption with the introduction of our 2 litre refills. You can be part of this positive change by choosing our 2L refills option, now available in a selection of our bestselling Hand Washes and Shampoos. All containers are fully recyclable.

Our Commitments Go Beyond Our Products

We are working hard to reduce our Carbon Footprint by moving towards using 100% renewable energy at all our manufacturing sites. Our online distribution centre is already 100% Carbon Neutral and do not use plastic in our web packaging, therefore it is all fully recyclable - an important step in our sustainability journey.

Combining Wellness and Sustainability

In 2022, our ARRAN Naturals range was released. This line was created with wellbeing at its centre, both for our customers and the planet. The range is 100% vegan, cruelty free and uses up to 99.9% ingredients of natural origin. Boxed in cardboard boxes and endlessly recycled aluminium

All ARRAN Naturals bottles are made using aluminium, which uses less energy to make and is endlessly recycled with 75% of all aluminium ever made still in use today.

Gift Box Re-Design

Sustainable Packaging - Fully Recyclable

Our cardboard gift cartons and boxes are sourced from suppliers whom work with FSC board, committed to well managed forest sustainability & recycling programs. All our corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and comprises of 80% recycled paper. We have also invested in the use of fully recyclable tin packaging in all of our Home products.

Up-Cycle Your Containers

Repurpose Glass Candles & Diffusers

After you have enjoyed our fine home fragrance products, why not use the glass jars and bottles to add a touch of elegance to your decor.

Let's All Do Our Part

Reuse and Recycle

ARRAN Sense of Scotland actively encourages all our customers to reuse and recycle as much of our packaging as possible. Lets all protect our beautiful island home and the rest of the world.