Our love of fragrance inspired our lifelong pursuit of exquisite scents with the power to seduce and captivate the imagination. While both Eau De Toilette's and Eau De Parfum's of the same scent will have the same fragrance notes, they do differ in one very simple way: their concentration.

Eau De Parfum's are made with a higher concentration of perfume oil, normally between 12-18%, which gives them a stronger scent. In contrast, Eau De Toilette's usually have a concentration between 8-12%, giving the scent a lighter feel.


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Behind each and every ARRAN fragrance lies three decades of profound pride in our island home. Inspired by the lush green glens, diverse flora, exhilarating sea air which surrounds the Island of Arran, these untouched forces of nature find their way into all our fragrances, enriching our products and bestowing you with your own memory of Arran.

Each fragrance starts with the subtle art of perfumery – signature blends that embody the essence of the Arran settlements whose names they bear. The results are remarkable, making every day cleansing far from routine.

With fragrances for him and for her, discover our collection of eau de toilette fragrances and rollerball perfumes.