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Discover Sannox. Scotland’s first, premium men’s fragrance collection.

Crafted with Scottish ingredients native to the Isle of Arran, and blended with unfiltered, mineral-rich local water.
Inspired by the breathtaking backdrop of Glen Sannox, where natures beauty meets rugged charm.
Immerse yourself with the scents of Leather, Amber & Oud for a sense of peace and vitality.
Sannox…where tranquillity meets strength, awaken the sleeping warrior within.

Celebrating 35 years of Island Made Products



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Amber, Oud, leather & pink pepper

Sannox Mens Wash Bag

Amber, Oud, leather & pink pepper

Sannox After Shave Balm

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Men's Collection

Awaken, refresh and invigorate your senses with our collection of men’s grooming products. From shower and shaving essentials to fine fragrance, discover our quick, easy to use and exceptionally performing favourites from our hardworking men’s collection.

Inspired by the breathtaking coastlines and rugged landscapes which surround our island home, our two flagship fragrances for men are sure to uplift, awaken and energise. Whether you prefer the crisp, clean aromas of sea salt & rockrose in our Machrie scent or the warming, wooded spice of patchouli and anise in our Lochranza scent, each of our male grooming products have been expertly blended with enlivening essential oils and natural extracts to leave skin, body and mind feeling fresh, renewed and revitalised.