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A Detailed Review of ARRAN's Fragrance Advent Calendar

By Kira Kemlo

5 Min Read

A fragrance advent calendar is the perfect way to introduce a touch of luxury to your day throughout December in the run-up to Christmas. You can embark on a sensory journey during the festive period as you reveal a new scent behind each door, up to and including the big day. They’re ideal as a gift for a loved one, and also as a little treat for yourself to get the annual festivities off to a luxurious start. 

Reviewing ARRAN's fragrance advent calendar

The limited edition ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar takes inspiration from a crisp winter’s night on our spectacular island home. The incomparable beauty of a clear sky as glistening stars punctuate the canopy that hangs over Arran, transporting you to another time and place. 

We’ve worked hard to convey the magic of our muse in our fragrance advent calendar, allowing you to reconnect with nature and enjoy a welcome rebalancing each morning. This starts with the premium look and feel of the calendar itself, building your excitement each time you go to open another door. 

It continues with the products you’ll find inside, which combine to take you on an invigorating voyage among Arran’s breathtaking landscapes. There’s a plethora of arresting fragrances to experience through the assortment of lotions, soaps, perfumes and scented candles you can look forward to unearthing within your calendar. 

Couple opening ARRAN Sense of Scotland's Fragrance Advent Calendar

The fragrances inside ARRAN's calendar

Our fragrance advent calendar includes products from some of our most popular collections, including After the Rain, Glenashdale and Kildonan, which is our newest range. It also includes two limited edition seasonal scents, presenting you with the warming notes of Rowanberry Embers and the cooling freshness of Forest Frost. 

From the floral and citrus blend of After the Rain with its refreshing lime, rose and sandalwood aromas, to Glenashdale’s energising notes full of rasped lemons and fresh grapefruit, there’s a wonderful variety of scents to uncover in our advent calendar. 

They all capture a sense of Scotland and in particular our island home, not least in the blend of sweet and delicate violet you’ll find warmed with the glow of velvety orris in Kildonan. Inspired by the tranquillity stirred up by the silvery sand of the beaches in the south of Arran kissed with late summer sun, our first new scent in a decade provides you with an escape to a little slice of paradise. 

How to use the fragrance advent calendar

You may be tempted to tear open all of the doors as soon as you receive your fragrance advent calendar. But your patience will be fully rewarded as you open one door each day in December up to Christmas Day. There’s an extra-special treat waiting for you on the 25th, to round off your journey through our scents in style. 

We suggest opening a new door each morning, which means there’s a new fragrance to experience first thing. Perhaps it’s a body wash you can use in the shower, or a perfume you can try out at work or on one of your Christmas nights out. Maybe you’ll get a body lotion for soft, smooth skin all day, or a scented candle you can look forward to lighting when you relax in the evening. 

However you use each of your products, our advent calendar gives you an opportunity to explore new scents that you may not have experienced before, as well as familiar favourites you know and love. You may discover your new signature fragrance, while creating lasting memories tied to the holidays. 

Sneak peek behind a door of ARRAN Sense of Scotland's Advent Calendar

Key takeaways

The best-selling ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar is a must-have if you love fragrances. It’s also ideal as a thoughtful gift for someone special in your life who’s fond of beautiful scents. Perfect for building excitement while indulging your senses this Christmas, our advent calendar sells out every year so don’t miss your chance to secure your copy. 

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