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Advent Calendar for Couples to Enjoy Together this Christmas

By Kira Kemlo

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Is opening a new door of an advent calendar each day in December one of your most cherished traditions? If so, imagine how lovely it’d be to share the joy of unearthing a daily surprise with your partner. Like the sound of a mini celebration every day? An advent calendar for couples could be right up your street. 

These calendars are packed with gifts or products for both of you. They’re fun and exciting, while also bringing a touch of luxury to your daily routine. The ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar is perfect for treating yourselves together as a couple in the build-up to Christmas. 

Create new traditions together

It’s the little things that often end up meaning the most in relationships. Whether you’re in the passionate throes of a fresh new romance or you’ve reached the relaxed, comfortable stage after many years together, opening up a different advent calendar door each day could be a brand new Christmas ritual you create together. 

Perhaps you could take it in turn opening the doors. Maybe there’s even a little game you could play as you try to guess what the next scent is. You might look forward to opening the next door first thing in the morning. Or you may prefer to save it for the evening cuddled up on the sofa. 

Either way, your advent calendar for couples provides you with a lovely way to build excitement ahead of the festive season. Each time you open up a door, you’re not just getting closer to Christmas. You’re also getting closer to each other. 

ARRAN Fragrance Advent Calendar for couples

Gift your partner luxury and indulgence

Christmas is a time of giving. It’s a time where people come together and show their love for each other. ARRAN’s 2023 Advent Calendar embodies that perfectly. You can really show your partner that you know their taste and understand they appreciate the lovely things in life. It makes for a wonderful gift, full of thought and romance. Not to mention indulgence. And you’ll get to enjoy it too! 

You’ll find a wide range of beautiful products in our calendar, including soaps, lotions, perfumes and scented candles. From romantic baths together to quiet evenings in front of the fire and early nights tucked up with a good book in bed, the fragrances you’ll open can make every room in your home a lovelier place to be. 

Experience Scotland as a couple

If you’ve visited Scotland, you’ll know all about the magic of our country. The striking snow-capped peaks during winter. Endless miles of open scenery. Untouched landscapes to explore and experience the thrill of nature. Our island home of Arran is teeming with all of these things, forming our inspiration as we help you connect with the world around you. 

The scents you’ll find in our advent calendar all pay homage to our island, stirring up not only the magic of a winter’s night on Arran, but also of Christmas. Reminisce about your favourite Caledonian memories as you light up a scented candle for a romantic evening with your partner, perhaps recalling your favourite highland spot or stretch of coastline. 

Even if you’ve never been to Scotland, what better way to ring in the festive period than sharing lots of special new moments together. Framed by our unspoiled island home, your connection will only grow stronger. 

Miniature Shower Gel in ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar

Make it a memorable Christmas with our advent calendar for couples

ARRAN’s advent calendar for couples is much more than just a calendar. It’s a journey of connection that you can enjoy with the special someone in your life. It’s a way to bring moments of luxury, surprise and excitement to your countdown to Christmas. And it’s perfect for creating new memories with the person you love. 

Embrace the magic of Christmas together, and order your couples’ advent calendar while it’s still available. 

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