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April Showers | What time do you shower?

By Kira Kemlo

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Whether looking for an energising boost for your morning shower or the perfect scent to relax and wash away the stress of your day, our Luxury Shower Gels are just the place to start. Enriched with pro-vitamin B5, our Shower Gels create a gentle, fragrant lather to keep you clean, soft and smelling great all day.


Morning Scents 


Looking to kickstart your day with an energy boost? Look no further. Inspired by the magnificent, vibrant Glenashdale Falls on Arran, grapefruit shower gel breathes life into your bathroom with notes of zesty grapefruit and lemon, mixed with warm green leaf.

Glenashdale Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel

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Glen Rosa

Immerse your senses in the warming scent of Glen Rosa Shower Gel. Fruity notes of blackberries and honeyed fig blend with ylang ylang and a hint of coconut, inspired by the warming, Summer sunsets on the Isle of Arran. The essential oils of fig and ylang ylang help soothe the skin and the fruity fragrance brings a vibrancy to this shower gel.

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Bath & Shower Gel

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Aloe Vera

Refreshing and bright, our Apothecary Aloe Vera Shower Gel is a great scent to wake up your senses. Aloe Vera boasts medicinal qualities such as a healing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, strengthening skin and leaving you ready for the day ahead.

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A clean, crisp scent designed for men, the Machrie Bath and Shower Gel combines essential oils of sea salt, labdanum, myrrh, clary, sage, patchouli and rockrose. An awakening and refreshing fragrance, ideal for your morning shower, the mineral qualities of sea salt and rockrose cleanse and nourish the skin, setting you up for the day ahead.

Machrie Mens Bath & Shower Gel

Sea Salt & Rockrose

Machrie Mens Bath & Shower Gel

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Evening Scents

After the Rain

Transport your senses to the Isle of Arran in Spring, following a rain shower. Gardens full of flora and fauna, mixed with rural woodlands, create this perfect blend of roses, lime and sandalwood – encapsulating that special scent After the Rain.

After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel

Lime, Rose & Sandalwood

After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel

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Glen Iorsa

Calm your mind with our Glen Iorsa scent. The fragrance of lavender promotes relaxation and soothes the mind and body, making this luxury shower gel part of the perfect sleep solution – just what your brain and body wants after a long day.

Glen Iorsa Lavender and Spearmint Bath & Shower Gel

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Seaweed and Sage

Wash the day away with our Seaweed & Sage Shower Gel. Made using quality essential oils of lemon, geranium and orange, paired with natural sea salt and mineral-rich seaweed extract to create a soothing, nourishing formula.

Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Bath & Shower Gel

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Day or Night


Wild yet peaceful, this versatile scent is great for anytime of day. Imachar Shower Gel beautifully blends citrusy bergamot with warm, soft honeysuckle, clover and rose to whisk you away to our Island’s West Coast. Enriched with pro-vitamin B5, this nourishing formula gently cleanses and glides across the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and smelling beautiful.

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