ARRAN Naturals Soap vs. Hand Wash - Which is better?

By Kira Kemlo

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One thing we can all take away from the past few years is the importance of hand washing. Make the ordinarily mundane task of washing your hands part of your new self care routine. ARRAN Naturals aims to give you micro moments of wellbeing throughout the day with their specially formulated functional fragrance.

Hand washing over kitchen sink

Bar of Soap vs Hand Wash

When going to buy your new sink’s new best friend, you’ve maybe wondered whether you should pick up a bar of Soap or stick to a bottle of Hand Wash. Let’s chat about them!


By choosing a bar of soap, you’d probably think that’s the most environmentally friendly option… And you’re probably right! Not only does soap tend to come in less packaging than bottles of hand wash, it is also multipurpose and can be used for washing your hands or you can take it into the shower too.

ARRAN Natural Soaps use 100% natural fragrance and 99.7% of ingredients are of natural origin, so there’s only goodness inside! Packed with essential nutrients, minerals and Scottish botanical extract to boost moisture retention and soothe skin.

Hand Wash

Hand wash is a great looking alternative to the traditional bar of soap – it’s the perfect accessory for any sink. During manufacturing, more energy and packaging tends to go into creating bottles of hand wash, however there’s lots of more sustainable packaging options including refills and bottles made from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials. If you’re looking to purchase soap because it’s more sustainable than hand wash then make sure you take your water usage into consideration as those who use liquid hand wash use less water when washing hands.

ARRAN Natural Hand Wash is available in our Calm, Mindful and Awaken expressions and provides you with a moment of wellbeing every time you wash your hands. 100% natural fragrance makes its way into this vegan and cruelty-free formulation so it’s great for all skin types. We are just as considerate of the outside as we are on the inside, with aluminium packaging for all our bottles. We use aluminium as it can be endlessly recycled, with 75% of all the aluminium ever made still in use today, plus the recycling process uses less energy compared to other materials. Looking to get another bottle? Why not pick up one of our Hand Wash Refills!


Which Expression is for you?


Refresh & energize your body and mind. Sometimes we need a little extra boost to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind. A carefully chosen blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus can help boost your energy and enhance your mind. The addition of Rosemary oil to assist with increased concentration will ensure the best start to your day, every day.

Feel the rush of energy and strength Awaken brings and allow it to transport you to your refreshing Island. Simply apply the products and feel the difference.


ARRAN Naturals Awaken collection with Soap, Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion and Body Wash


Find harmony between mind and body with Mindful. Led by a bright Lemon essence which helps create a positive mindset, eliminating negative emotions and increasing concentration. Centred by the grounding scent of Geranium which promotes relaxation and tension-reducing Patchouli. Allow the functional fragrance of Mindful to support emotional balance, creating a more positive headspace.


ARRAN Naturals Mindful with Soap, Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Wash and Lip Balm



Combat the modern world and unwind with natural essential oils to help create a positive mindset and eliminate negative emotions. Calm uses Lavender & Chamomile effectively soothes stress, calms the mind and assists relaxation. This blend is enhanced with Vetiver and Palmarosa oils to help reduce anxiety, instil mental clarity and restore wellbeing.


ARRAN Naturals Calm Expression with Soap, Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Wash and Pulse Point Oil


Unsure which to choose? 

Try our new Wellness Finder today to see which Expression could help boost your everyday wellbeing. 

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