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Behind the Blend: After the Rain

By Olivia Carlin

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Where it all began. Transport your senses to the Isle of Arran as we go behind the blend, revealing the inspiration behind our signature After the Rain scent. A delicate, timeless fusion of lime, rose and sandalwood essential oils which has inspired the hearts, minds and homes of many for over three decades. 

A delightfully tantalizing fragrance which captures the air’s aroma after a rain storm. Initial impressions yield a multiplicity of facets including greenery, herbal shrubs, sparkling lime and rose. These dance alongside the isle’s woody aura characterised by cedar wood and moss. A tranquil muskiness completes this fragrance.

- ARRAN Perfumer Notes 

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Inspired by our home, made for yours

Experience the unique aromas of a Spring garden on Arran following a rain shower with our bestselling Bath & Shower Gel. Refresh and revitalise your senses with the gentle cleansing lather of our signature scent, enriched with skin-soothing magnesium and enlivening essential oils to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately scented.

Woman holding a bottle of shower gel in the bath

A Spritz of Scotland

Create a long-lasting impression with our fine fragrance collection. Apply a generous spritz of the After the Rain Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum to pulse points to instantly reawaken your senses. On the go? Our Fragrance Rollerball or Travel Sized Eau de Parfum makes the perfect addition to your handbag, creating an instant boost for both body and mind no matter what your day has in store. 

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Heavenly Home Fragrance

Reconnect with nature. Bring the outdoors in with our After the Rain Scented Candle, Reed Diffuser or Room Spray. Rose and sandalwood essential oils are renowned for their stress-relieving and soothing properties, helping you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any corner of your home. 

Image of Reed Diffusers in a lounge

Meet the Maker

An interview with our founder, Janet Russell

A life-changing moment in the making. Discover the inspiration behind our iconic fragrance from the women who started it all: our Founder, Janet Russell. 

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