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Behind the Blend: Imachar

By Kira Kemlo

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Wild yet calm, Imachar draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the west coast of Arran. Previously named Eydis, this warming scent will leaving you longing for Summer evenings. 

Image of woman walking through woods near Imachar, Arran


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Awaken your senses and start your day right with our Imachar Bath & Shower Gel. Allow the scent of citrusy bergamot and warm blends of honeysuckle, clover and rose to whisk you away to our Island's west coast. Enriched with pro-vitamin B5, this nourishing formula gently cleanses and glides across the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and smelling beautiful. 

Layer Up

The perfect way to continue smelling the romantic scent of Imachar, is to layer the scent. Once you've used the Bath & Shower Gel, spritz our Imachar Eau De Toilette on your pulse points and enjoy this evocative scent throughout the day. 

Scent Your Home

Love the zesty scent of bergamot? Try our Bergamot and Geranium Candle for the warm, floral, bright scent of green bergamot and citrus intertwined with the natural warmth of geranium. 

Bergamot & Geranium 35cl Candle

Bergamot & Geranium

Bergamot & Geranium 35cl Candle

Image of bergamot


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