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Behind The Blend: Kildonan

By Kira Kemlo

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Inspired by the beachy South of the Isle of Arran, where sun-kissed sands warm the shore, whilst wild flowers sway in the light, sea breeze, filling the air with fragrant blooms. 

Our first new scent in 10 years, Kildonan, was released last year and has fast become a favourite amongst our customers. We're excited to announce the latest addition to the Kildonan collection: Eau De Toilette

Kildonan by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Fragrance Notes

Top notes of violet leaf and lily-of-the-valley create a lightly floral, 'green', ozonic scent which instantly transports you to the silver sands of Kildonan. Both middle notes of cedar and orris and base notes of ambrette and cashmir wood bring a lasting woody, musky aroma to this scent. Fresh and alluring, this green, woody fragrance allows you to escape to paradise all from your own home. 

Kildonan Shower Gel by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

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Bathroom makeover ready

Gently cleanse hands with our Hand Wash and follow up with our ultra hydrating Kildonan Hand Cream. Light and moisturising, our hand cream is formulated with shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax and actives of aloe vera leaf juice, which soothe and hydrate skin. Using matching hand care creates a long-lasting fragrance that will leave passers-by envious. 

Kildonan 300ml Hand Wash

Orris & Violet Leaf

Kildonan 300ml Hand Wash

Beachy, freshness all day long

Spritz our brand new Eau De Toilette and be transported to the tranquillity of Kildonan. Sweet and delicate violet notes are warmed with the glow of velvety orris to create this fresh, every day scent - just in time for Summer.

Why choose an Eau De Toilette?

While both eau de toilette's and eau de parfum's of the same scent will have the same fragrance notes, they do differ in one very simple way: their concentration. 

Eau de parfum's are made with a higher concentration of perfume oil, normally between 12-18%, which gives them a stronger scent. In contrast, eau de toilette's usually have a concentration between 8-12%, giving the scent a lighter feel. 

Our Kildonan fragrance is light and fresh, which is why it lends itself well to being an Eau De Toilette rather than eau de parfum.

kildonan eau de toilette

Orris & Violet Leaf

kildonan eau de toilette

Escape to Kildonan

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