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Most Popular Christmas Candles

By Kira Kemlo

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We’re already well into November, so it’s time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Few things are better for delivering an instant dose of festive cheer to your home than a scented candle bursting with wintery fragrances. Join us as we take a closer look at how to choose the best Christmas candles for your space. 

Traditional vs. Trendy Christmas candle scents

Just like those classic Christmas songs you sing along to every year, you can’t beat traditional festive scents of pine, cedar, cinnamon and vanilla. Or can you? The same way that we sometimes get a new tune to add to our Christmas playlist from the likes of Ed, Elton or Taylor Swift, unique scents like bergamot, chestnut and sugar cookie are also worth looking out for. 

Whether you’re all about the winter berries or crazy about clove, your personal preferences will ultimately dictate your choice between traditional or trendy scents. But it can also be wonderful to experiment with different fragrance profiles to create your very own scents unique to your home. 

For example, try blending something quintessentially Christmassy like pine and cedar with a more modern scent like bergamot. This is exactly what you get with our limited edition Forest Frost candle, created specially for Christmas 2023. 

Seasonal Fragrance by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Scent intensity

The intensity of a scent is expressed in a scale from being imperceptible to extremely strong. Things like cedar, bergamot and grapefruit have a low intensity, whereas cinnamon and peppermint are very high. Lavender, lemon and orange are all moderate in intensity, while clove, ginger, nutmeg and violet are high. 

There’s a real skill to blending varying intensities of fragrance, which is an important part of aromatherapy. Whether you’re giving it a go yourself or choosing different scented candles for various rooms in your home, you’ll want to consider the size of your space. 

Larger rooms may require two or more candles to get the full impact of the scent you’re going for. Smaller spaces meanwhile could be overpowered by a candle that’s too intense. That said, personal preference comes into play again, as you may enjoy the sensation you get from a really strong scent. 

Festive Christmas candle containers

Beauty comes from within, right? But who doesn’t like to look at nice things. You’ll see your Christmas candles around your home every day, and they can be a big part of your festive decoration – so it’s important that they look good. 

Jars, tins and holders come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Whether you love all-out Christmas fun or a sleeker, more contemporary feel, the options for colours and designs are endless. And when you have reusable containers, you can look forward to getting them out every year with the rest of your decorations. 

Christmas themes and motifs

Santas, stars, snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees and mistletoe are all great for festive candles. You can get them in classic Christmas colours like red, green and gold, as well as cooler winter hues like white and silver to suit the season and achieve a more modern look. There are lots of lovely things you can do with candles too. 

Perhaps you’re creating a nativity scene around a candle holder in the form of a stable. Maybe you’re evoking the feeling of a winter’s night through holders that twinkle with stars cut out. Or maybe you’re complementing something plainer by surrounding it with pine cones, berries and dried orange slices. 

Whatever suits your style and taste the most, the best Christmas candles add a delightful dose of festive cheer to your home. Visit our Christmas shop to browse our festive fragrances, including our limited edition seasonal candles. 

Christmas Fragrances by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

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