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Celebrate a Housewarming with the Best Gifts to Make a House a Home

By Kira Kemlo

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The act of giving always brings joy, both to the recipient and the giver. Whether it's offering support during challenging times, lending a helping hand with a daunting task, or presenting a heartfelt gift, we find fulfilment in bringing joy to the ones we care about. This sentiment extends to housewarming gifts too. Moving home can be an incredibly stressful experience, and a thoughtful housewarming gift can be comforting amid the uncertainty and upheaval.

Practical housewarming gift ideas

A practical housewarming present can be more than useful for new homeowners or renters moving into an unfurnished property. But if you don’t want to get into buying things like furniture or kitchenware, essentials that provide a touch of luxury in key locations can really make a difference. Like hand care gift sets. If your loved one’s going to be moving back and forth between properties for a while, a wash bag could be a super thoughtful gift to get. 

Adding a personal touch to new homes

The best housewarming gifts are personalised. These gifts hold a unique charm for the recipient, reflecting the care and consideration you put into it. They often become cherished possessions, particularly in new homes, harkening back to fond memories of settling in. At ARRAN, we offer a personalised gift-building service, allowing you to curate bespoke gift boxes with lovely fragrances and tailored messages for the new homeowner.

Aromatic delights for the home

One of the greatest joys for new homeowners is transforming a new space with fresh scents. And maybe even bidding farewell to any lingering odours from previous occupants. This transition can be helped by introducing familiar or entirely new fragrances into the home. You can contribute to this by getting an aromatic treat for your friend or family member's new place.

We have a diverse selection of luxury fragrances and scent diffusers, perfect for just this. From reed diffusers to candles and room sprays, check out our range for beautiful fragrances that’ll quickly replace any remnants of the past.

To truly treat the new homeowner in your life, gift them a full range of fragrance with ARRAN’s After the Rain Home Fragrance Gift Set. This set is the perfect tool for purging old aromas and kickstarting memories in their new home.

Luxurious bath and body essentials

After long days of painting, decorating, or moving furniture, nothing really beats a gift that prioritises relaxation for a new homeowner. By gifting a body care or shower and bath set, you can offer a moment of respite amid the stresses of new home ownership, allowing the recipient to relax and unwind in the comfort of their new space.

Offering a choice

Now that you’ve decided to get your friend or family member an ARRAN gift set, it can be hard to decide on a signature scent. Offering a selection of fragrances can sometimes be the best option in these cases. Choosing to christen the house with an ARRAN discovery gift set allows the recipient to experiment with different scents to match their new home in their own time.

Housewarming gifts serve as tokens of support and comfort during the transition into a new home. Practical yet luxurious gifts like hand care sets and wash bags can provide a thoughtful touch, while personalised options can add a unique charm to the recipient's space. With such a wide array of scented aromas to choose from, including reed diffusers, candles, and bath sets, we have lots of options to help new homeowners settle in and create a space they love.


What are the most popular new home gift ideas?

The After the Rain Home Fragrance Gift Set from ARRAN stands as our best-selling home gift set, with an impressive average review rating of 4.9 stars. Ideal as a present for new homeowners, this set promises to alleviate stress and evoke the tranquillity of the island as soon as the box is opened.

How much do you spend on a housewarming gift?

Consider the level of your relationship with the homeowner and what you feel comfortable spending. It's more about the thoughtfulness of the gift rather than its monetary value. If you're close to the homeowner or attending a housewarming party, you might consider a slightly higher budget. However, small and thoughtful gifts can be just as greatly appreciated.

Can candles and reed diffusers be used in different rooms of the house?

Candles and reed diffusers can be used all around your house. They can breathe life into rooms and combat unwelcome smells. However, it's important to be cautious, especially with burning candles. Never leave them unattended, as this can pose a fire risk. Sometimes, if you want to rid a certain room of a bad smell, a room spray may be the best and safest option for you.

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