Our Guide to the Best Shower Gels for Men

By Kira Kemlo

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Self-care doesn’t have to be boring. Lift your self-care routine from mundane to magnificent by using the finest scented shower gels. Carefully crafted to infuse your daily washing and grooming rituals with a touch of luxury, the best shower gels offer spa-like scents and sensations right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Whether you're looking to set yourself up for success or unwind from the day just passed, the right shower gel can be transformative. However, with such an array of options available, discovering the perfect fit can feel overwhelming.

Find your scent through men's shower gels

For men, finding a scent is a key part of the grooming process. As important as a staple jacket, a hairstyle or facial hair, a scent can make or break your look. Aftershave is an important part of finding a scent, but what you wash with is just as important and sets the foundation for your fragrance throughout the day.

A natural scent is a great way to set this foundation, providing aromatherapeutic benefits that can positively impact your mood and well-being, and can be far gentler on your skin than chemically devised alternatives.



Skin-friendly ingredients

Shower gels almost always use water as a base before adding ingredients that boost moisturisation, fragrance and pH levels. It’s important to look out for the best and worst of these ingredients so you can choose the very best luxury shower gel for your skin.

Panthenol, derived from Pro-Vitamin B5, stands out as a beneficial ingredient known for its hydrating and soothing properties. On the other hand, sulphates like ammonium can have the opposite effect, potentially drying out your skin.

Similarly, citric acid can be a double-edged sword. In small amounts, it aids in gentle exfoliation, contributing to a brighter complexion. However, too much of it can disrupt a shower gel's pH balance, while excessive use can irritate the skin.

By understanding the effects of key ingredients in your shower gel, you should be able to make an informed decision when choosing a shower gel that best caters to your skin's needs.

Get the most out of your shower gel

As important as shower gel is to the grooming process, it’s easy to blow through the product in a few washes, use a gel with the wrong ingredients for you, or even miss key areas. To make the most of your gel, make sure you:

Choose wisely

Select a shower gel that suits your skin type as well as your taste. Whether you prefer energising citrus scents or calming lavender, opt for a formula that aligns with your needs.

Use the correct amount

A little goes a long way with shower gel. Use a modest amount to avoid wasting it while ensuring a proper wash.

Prepare your skin

Make sure to wet your skin thoroughly before applying shower gel. This helps it to lather more effectively and gives you better coverage.

Massage gently

Apply the shower gel in gentle, circular motions. This not only helps to distribute it evenly but also promotes relaxation.

Rinse thoroughly

Take the time to rinse off all traces of shower gel from your skin. Residual gel can leave a film on your skin or cause irritation, so thorough rinsing is key.

Use a good moisturiser

After drying your skin, moisturise your body with lotion to lock in hydration. This step is especially important if you have dry skin or if your shower gel tends to leave your skin feeling tight.

Experiment with timing

Consider using different shower gels based on the time of day or your mood. Energising formulas with citrus scents can help wake you up in the morning, while soothing lavender-based gels can help you to relax before bed.

Our top picks

Let’s dip into ARRAN's range of luxurious men’s shower gels, each crafted to give your daily routine a deliciously fragranced boost. From the refreshing Sannox to the invigorating Machrie, our shower gels are made with the very finest ingredients. And there's a scent for everyone.

Sannox Bath & Shower Gel


Taking inspiration from the breathtaking hills of Glen Sannox, our Sannox Bath & Shower Gel provides a refreshing cleanse with its invigorating scent. Derived from natural ingredients including oud and saffron, it leaves your skin feeling revived and rejuvenated. Packed with pro-vitamin B5, start your day refreshed or unwind with ease in the evening.

“My husband smells amazing… just divine.”
Five-star customer review

Lochranza Men’s Bath & Shower Gel


Breathe in the scent of a floral cocktail with our Lochranza Bath & Shower Gel. Offering a luxurious bathing experience with its captivating aroma of subtle cedar, anise and patchouli fragrances, this gel is made with high-quality ingredients. While gently cleansing and moisturising the skin, the Lochranza will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every use.

“Smells amazing, doesn’t dry your skin, excellent choice.”
Five-star customer review

Machrie Men’s Bath & Shower Gel

Designed specifically for men, our Machrie Men’s Bath & Shower Gel has been developed to encapsulate the feeling of freedom. The perfect start to your daily routine, the gel’s invigorating scent revitalises the senses, while its gentle formula effectively cleanses and hydrates the skin. Crafted with mandarin, rock rose and sea salt, this gel is ideal if you enjoy an uplifting and rejuvenating shower.

“My husband loves this. Lovely perfume.”
Five-star customer review


Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Bath & Shower Gel

Infused with the natural essences of seaweed and sage, this shower gel makes use of lemon and geranium to delicately scent your skin. Our Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Bath & Shower Gel hydrates and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Perfect if you’re seeking a spa-like escape in the comfort of your own home, this shower gel delivers a soothing and aromatic bathing experience.

“Unique scent. Amazing quality. Extremely efficient.”
Five-star customer review


With the right shower gel, you can transform your daily routine into a luxurious indulgence. We offer a diverse range of bath and shower gels crafted with natural ingredients that suit every preference in the male grooming routine.

From the invigorating Machrie to the soothing Apothecary Seaweed & Sage, there's a scent for every mood. By understanding key ingredients and following simple tips, you can enhance your grooming routine effortlessly. Choose wisely and indulge in the luxurious experience of ARRAN's shower gels every day.


What is the most popular shower gel for men?

With 157 reviews and an average star rating of 4.8/5, the Apothecary Seaweed and Sage Bath & Shower Gel is an extremely popular shower gel for men looking to cleanse their skin with mineral-rich natural ingredients.

How often should men use shower gel?

Depending on your lifestyle, skin or body type, how often men should use shower gel can vary. However, it is recommended that showering at least once a day with a cleansing and fragranced body wash or shower gel keeps you smelling great and promotes a healthy grooming routine.

Can shower gels be used for both body and hair?

While some shower gels claim to work on hair, they are designed for cleansing skin. Using them on your hair may strip away essential oils, leaving it dry and unhealthy.

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