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Celebrating After the Rain

By Kira Kemlo

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2024 is a year of celebration at ARRAN Sense of Scotland and what better way to begin than honouring our bestselling collection After the Rain, which turns 25 this year. 

Over the past 25 years this beloved blend of lime, rose and sandalwood has settled in the hearts and minds of our customers across the world, from Arran to Australia, and remains to this day our most popular collection. 

ARRAN first opened its doors in 1989 as Arran Aromatics, with founder Janet Russell creating a skincare line inspired by the evocative scents that surrounded her on the Isle of Arran. Over the next decade, after extending the collection from soaps into body cleansers and lotions, Janet stepped into the world of fine fragrance and crafted, along with the help of our Perfumers, After the Rain Eau De Toilette. 

Behind the Blend

Transport yourself to the serenity of a summer garden on the Isle of Arran following a rain shower with our signature After the Rain fragrance. A blend of rose petals, musk and floral citrus, paired with the soft notes of Arran's woodland creates this irresistibly fresh and sensual fragrance.

"A delightfully tantalizing fragrance which captures the air’s aroma after a rain storm. Initial impressions yield a multiplicity of facets including greenery, herbal shrubs, sparkling lime and rose. These dance alongside the isle’s woody aura characterised by cedar wood and moss. A tranquil muskiness completes this fragrance." 
ARRAN Perfumer Notes

Forever Growing

Over the past 25 years we've seen many changes however one thing that remains a constant is our expertly crafted fragrance. The growth of After the Rain could not be possible without our wonderful customers who continue to support ARRAN and provide us with invaluable feedback which our Product Development Team take onboard to help shape our new products. Our signature scent began as fine fragrance and has since expanded to include Shower Gel, Lotions, Bath Salt and Oil and even more. 

Image of previous After the Rain design and packaging

Our Customer's Favourites

Shower Gel

Experience the unique aromas of a Spring garden on Arran following a rain shower with our bestselling Bath & Shower Gel. Refresh and revitalise your senses with the gentle cleansing lather of our signature scent, enriched with skin-soothing magnesium and enlivening essential oils to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately scented.

"It is well worth paying that extra bit in my opinion. The product looks smart in my bathroom and the fragrance is unbelievably gorgeous. It feels like you're at a spa or luxury hotel, using their products. I haven't bought from Arran before, but I'll certainly be buying from them again"
Trusted Customer

Eau De Toilette

Create a long-lasting impression with our fine fragrance collection. Apply a generous spritz of the After the Rain Eau de Toilette to pulse points to instantly reawaken your senses. For those looking for a scent for everyday wear, look no further - our Eau De Toilette boasts a delicate scent that lingers all day.
"The scent is even better than I expected, beautiful floral tones."
Mrs Joy J Eden

Bath Oil

Our latest addition to our bestselling collection is fast becoming a favourite amongst customers. Add a little luxury to your evening with our Bath & Body Oil, simply pour into your bath and enjoy the fragrance and moisturising nature of this product. Don't want to add this to your bath? You can also use it as a Body Oil, just apply to damp skin to see and feel the skin-nourishing benefits.

"After the Rain is my favourite fragrance, I bought some last time I was on the island and every time I use it it reminds me of my time in one of my favourite places on the planet. Not only does it smell amazing, it makes my skin feel fabulous." 
Ffion MacQuarrie


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