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The Perfect Christmas Candle Gift Sets

By Kira Kemlo

5 Min Read

Christmas and candles go together like mince and pies. Like mistletoe and wine, pigs and blankets, jingles and bells. They’re wonderful for creating a welcoming festive atmosphere in your home, making a Christmas candle gift set perfect as a present for a loved one.

Christmas Fragrance by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Why choose Christmas candle gifts

Whether you’re buying for a friend, partner, parent, child, sister, brother or other family member, Christmas candles have a broad appeal that makes them ideal as gifts. No matter if you’re getting someone something that’s really closely suited to their personality or you’re struggling for ideas for someone who’s hard to buy for, you can’t go wrong with a candle as a gift. 

Christmas candles can be a great way to show someone that you’ve thought of how they’ll enjoy them. Perhaps they love taking baths, curling up with a good book or lighting candles over dinner. Whatever it is, you get the immediate pleasure of smelling the fragrances you’ll enjoy around your home when you receive a candle as a gift. 

Set a cosy Christmas mood

Who doesn’t like relaxing in a pleasant environment, with the flicker of a candle and lovely fragrances for company? Be it drinks with friends, a family get-together or a cosy night on the sofa with your other half, candles with high-quality scents can frame any occasion over the festive period. 

Christmas is a time where lots of us love to welcome people into our home, as we get into the spirit of giving and celebrate the holiday together. Candles are perfect for setting a cosy Christmas ambience, making your home feel warm and inviting for any guests you have, as well as for yourself. And that’s what makes them so great as a gift. 

Tips for choosing Christmas candle gifts

Need some help picking the right Christmas candle gift set? Use our tips to get started. 

Set a budget

However much you’re spending, you may want to choose a single large candle or a gift set that allows your recipient to experience more scents. 

Think about your recipient

What scents do they like – fresh and citrusy, for example, or warm and spicy? 

Pick a seasonal scent

Go for festive fragrances like pine, cedar, cinnamon, clove and winter berries. 

Look out for limited editions

Exclusive candles that are limited in number can make your gift even more special. 

Keep an eye on quality

Good quality candles last longer, smell great and usually come in nice containers and packaging. 

Beware burn time

You’ll want something with a good burn time so the recipient can enjoy their candle for longer. 

Consider containers

Think about your recipient’s style – do they like bright Christmas colours like red, gold and green or more modern whites and silvers? 

Read reviews

When you find something you like, check out any reviews and ratings to see what other people think. 

Top Christmas candle gift ideas

There are lots of great options out there if you’re looking for Christmas candles. Including our limited edition Rowanberry Embers and Forest Frost seasonal candles. Both are packed with beautiful festive scents, come in our Christmas 2023 Winter’s Night packaging and feature twinkling stars on a contemporary container that looks great around your home. 

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Limited Edition Forest Frost Seasonal Scent

We also have our lovely Floral Fresh candle set. This makes for a fantastic gift with four different fragrances, including the bestselling After the Rain. Head to our Christmas shop to browse our selection of candles and other great gifts. 

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