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The Most Festive Christmas Scent Candles

By Kira Kemlo


Christmas is a total assault on the senses, isn’t it. Seeing traditional sights like Santa and his sleigh. Hearing familiar strains of songs you’ve sung for many a year. Feeling the paper tear as you unwrap a present. Tasting those mince pies, mulled wine and all the trimmings that go with Christmas dinner. 

And then there are the smells. Freshly cut Christmas trees. Gingerbread men. Turkey baking in the oven. Brandy burning on the Christmas pud. So what better to celebrate the festive period than Christmas scent candles that evoke the best of the most wonderful time of year. 

The meaning of Christmas candle scents

Traditions are such an important part of Christmas because they keep us in touch with our past. The happy moments you have as a child can last a lifetime, alongside the memories you create as you get older and perhaps start a family of your own. 

Certain fragrances have the power to stir up nostalgia and warm feelings about the festive season. The simple act of lighting up a Christmas candle and experiencing its scent can be a powerful way to connect with all those holiday traditions you love. 

Festive Home Fragrance by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Christmas scents and memory

Scents and memories are closely linked in the brain. Fancy getting scientific with us for a second? Great. There are direct neurological connections between the olfactory bulb – which processes scents – and the amygdala and hippocampus. These are the parts of your brain that deal with emotions and memories. 

Smelling ‘Christmassy’ scents like pine, cinnamon and gingerbread can quickly take you back to cherished memories. Whether that’s from your childhood or last year, nostalgic feelings are comforting. It’s easy to drum them up by lighting a Christmas candle, while reducing stress and anxiety at the same time. 

Traditional holiday scents

Do these classic Christmas candle fragrances sound familiar to you? 


For quintessential Christmas tree loveliness, conjuring up treasured memories of hanging up the decorations on a freshly cut tree. 


A spice synonymous with Christmas, which is used in things like mulled wine. As well as… 


Flour, butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda, and cinnamon. The ingredients you need for delicious gingerbread men, which throw out lovely sweet and spicy smells when baking. 


More sweet, buttery aromas, but with vanilla taking centre stage. Does the smell rekindle memories of putting out cookies by the fireplace for Father Christmas? 


Cool and refreshing, it can only mean one thing – candy canes! 

How to choose Christmas candle scents

When you’re picking Christmas candles, you’ll want to pick scents that you like and that fit the festive period. Things like pine, cedar, cinnamon and clove, along with the freshness of winter berries and bergamot perhaps. 

You should also pick candles that fit your home. Complement other fragrances you already have that are thrown out by things like reed diffusers and air fresheners, as well as other candles. And choose candles that come in containers well suited to your decor. 

There are things to look out for when choosing a candle, such as the burn time you can expect. It’s always nice to open something that comes in nice packaging too. To make sure you’re getting a quality product, read any reviews available to see what other people think. 

Match your Christmas style

What’s your Christmas style? Do you love traditional festive decorations and colours like reds, golds and greens. Or do you prefer a more contemporary feel, with cooler tones like white and silver? Be it traditional, rustic or elegant, matching your candles to your style will help you deliver the overall Christmas theme you’re going for. 

The scents you pick can really set off all your other decorations. In terms of the colour and style of the candle itself, if you go for something relatively neutral, you can always pair with other traditional decorations like garlands, ornaments and twinkling lights. 

Christmas Home Fragrance by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Consider your space

Room size is important when you’re choosing any type of scented candle. Matching the intensity to the size of your space will allow the scent to shine. If the room’s too big for one candle then the fragrance may be too weak. 

You can easily rectify this by getting more than one, while being mindful that you don’t overpower the room. Then again, you may love powerful aromas that really invigorate your senses. 

If you’re looking for lovely Christmas scent candles perfectly suited to the festive period, head to our Christmas shop where you’ll find our two limited edition seasonal candles.

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