Bring The Festive Smell Home With Christmas Tree Scented Candles

By Kira Kemlo

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How much time do you spend decorating your home for Christmas? There’s the tree to sort, decorations to get out, the Christmas movie or music to pick while you hang up various lights, baubles and other decorations. The stockings, wreaths, ornaments and heirlooms. Even though it can be quite time-consuming, it’s all totally worth it isn’t it. 

But did you know there’s a way to bring an instant dose of seasonal goodness to your home, as quick as you can click your fingers? Or, to be precise, light a candle. Christmas tree scented candles are perfect for making your home feel immediately festive, no matter how much time you spend on any other decorations. 

Forest Frost Home Fragrance by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Why opt for Christmas tree candles?

Real Christmas trees can be a lot of work. There’s the agonising over which one to choose, then the struggle to get it home and into the right spot. The watering, hoovering up the fallen needles, and then trying to get it back out of your home with the minimum of mess. Not to mention disposing of it and any chopping that comes with that. 

Artificial trees are really popular, not just for the time you can save, but also for the cost. Yet they’re completely lacking in one crucial aspect – the smell. 

You can’t beat the smell of a real Christmas tree. If you want to save on the hassle of a real tree, Christmas tree scented candles are quick, convenient and cost-effective. They set a festive mood in an instant, while taking up far less space than a real tree. 

The scent of the Christmas season

The scent of pine and other Christmassy fragrances like cinnamon and peppermint can be incredibly nostalgic. Smells are powerful triggers in your brain, with the capacity to stir up memories that may be buried deep in your mind. 

Whether you’re recalling treasured moments from your childhood or wonderful times you spent with friends and family as recently as last year, the distinctive scent of certain fragrances are synonymous with the holidays. The emotions and memories that come with them can be lovely and warming. 

Types of Christmas tree candles

Christmas candles come in lots of different scents and intensities, which you can explore to match your fragrances to different moods, tastes and occasions. You can even blend scents to give your home a unique ambience all of your own. 

Perhaps you love subtle pine aromas that mimic the gentle whiff you get of pine floating on a winter breeze. We know all about that here in Scotland. Or maybe you prefer a bold evergreen scent that packs the punch of a real Christmas tree standing in the corner of the room. 

From cedar sweetened with the peppermint of candy canes to winter berries warmed by the burning of an open fire, there are countless ways to conjure up a cosy festive atmosphere in your home. 

How to use Christmas tree candles

When done properly, you can use Christmas tree scented candles to complement all of your other holiday decorations, as well as the style of your home. 

Plan your placement

Place your candles in spots where they can be seen and that allow them to disperse their scent evenly, without being in the way. 

Be all over your burning

Burn candles for a few hours at a time to build up your festive fragrance, without becoming overpowering and while extending the life of your candles. 

Wily with your wicks

Another great way to extend the life of a candle is to trim the wick between each use. This keeps the flame smaller, therefore melting less wax and reducing the amount of fuel the candle uses when lit. 

Deliberate over your decor

Choose candles that match the style of your home, sticking to traditional Christmas themes or contemporary colours as appropriate. 

Love to layer

Layering scents is a great way to fill larger spaces by using multiple candles to create your own unique vibe. 

Make more memories

Keep the holiday spirit alive by lighting your Christmas tree scented candles well into the new year, warming the remainder of the winter months with fond festive memories. 

Where to place Christmas tree candles

There are plenty of spots throughout your home where you can place a scented candle for maximum impact. Popping one close to your front door is ideal for when visitors arrive, while living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are all great too. 

If you have an artificial tree, light a scented candle in the same room to make it feel more authentic. Mantelpieces and fireplaces are perfect for candles, while windowsills can also be a good idea because the movement of air helps to distribute the scent. Just be mindful of any curtains, blinds or handles. 

Whether you’re positioning candles in hallways and landings to disperse lovely fragrances throughout your home, or lighting them in your bathroom or bedroom, there are few places that won’t benefit from a scented candle. 

Pairing Christmas tree candles with decor

You’ve already matched your candles to your decor. But now you can lift things to the next level by pairing them with festive decorations like fir garlands, pine cones or dried orange slices. Whatever you place near a candle, make sure you avoid any fire hazards by keeping decorations nice and clear of the flame. 

For some help deciding which candles to pick, head to our Christmas shop where you’ll find our limited edition seasonal candles for 2023. These include our Forest Frost candle which features an invigorating blend of pine, cedar, mint and bergamot, as well as our Rowanberry Embers candle which sees winter berries softened with the warmth of an open fire. 

Festive Home Fragrance by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

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