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Discover The Best Perfume Advent Calendar

By Kira Kemlo

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It’s nearly that time of year again. The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, and that can mean only one thing: advent calendars! Gorging on chocolate first thing in the morning throughout December may be one of the highlights of your youth. But there’s a lot to love about perfume advent calendars too, where you unveil a different mini perfume sample every day in the run-up to Christmas. Not that we’re suggesting for one second that you forgo your daily dose of chocolate. 

The benefits of perfume advent calendars

Any treasured childhood memories are sure to come flooding back when you get to reveal what’s behind a new door each day. There’s a real excitement in finding out what new scent lies in wait, allowing you to wear a different fragrance every day in December. 

Perfume advent calendars can offer a luxurious daily treat. They also mean you can try as many as 25 new perfumes without committing to a full bottle. You’ll experience something fresh each day without a hefty price tag, which makes for a lovely gift for someone special in your life. 

Whether you’re diving into a new name or exploring the diversity of a brand you’ve loved for many years, perfume advent calendars are perfect for discovering new scents that may quickly become your new favourite. Ideal for perfume lovers and collectors alike, your advent calendar can be a cost-effective way to give your fragrance selection a sizeable boost. 

How to choose the perfect perfume advent calendar

There are a number of things to consider when you’re looking for a perfume advent calendar. Price is certainly among them. Look out for ones that are great value where you can make a saving on the contents, rather than paying a premium for a calendar containing things you could buy for less separately. 

You’ll want to match your advent calendar to your taste, or the taste of the person you’re buying one for. If you’re getting one as a gift, think about the recipient’s personality. Ask yourself what their beauty routine looks like. What products do they use, and what kind of scents do they gravitate towards? 

It can also be a good idea to look for a mix of perfumed products. As well as eau de toilettes and parfums, advent calendars can also contain things like body lotions, soaps, bath and shower gels, shampoos, and even scented candles. This allows you to really bombard your senses with all manner of new fragrances over the festive period. 

Fragrance Advent Calendar by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Tips for perfume selection

When you come to making your decision on a perfume advent calendar, you may want to choose a mix of perfume types to ensure a nice variety within your selection. From floral and fruity to woody and spicy, other options include citrus, oceanic and oriental fragrances. 

Then there are different scent profiles to look out for. Some are sweet, some are musky. Some bright, others fruity. There are plenty of modern fragrances and indie perfumes that are a little niche, so it could be nice to complement these with classic scents that may be more familiar. 

Given you’re likely to have plenty on around Christmas, advent calendars are wonderful for ensuring you smell great at all your special occasions. Look out for wintery fragrances like pine, cedar, clove and winter berries to really bring out the best of the season. 

Perfume advent calendars for Christmas gift giving

Who doesn’t like being spoiled by a loved one? And who doesn’t like the feeling of making someone special in your life feel like they’re truly loved? Gift giving isn’t restricted to Christmas Day alone, and treating a perfume lover to a thoughtful gift at the beginning of December is a great way to celebrate the festive season. 

Whether you’re picking a calendar with a personalised gift message or getting creative with the gift packaging by pairing it with a small bauble or Christmas decoration, there are lots of ways to maximise the impact of a perfume advent calendar as a gift. But even on their own, it’s a pretty special thing to receive from someone you care about. 

Experience ARRAN with all your senses

If you’re looking for a truly memorable advent calendar that engages all of your senses, don’t miss the ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar. You’ll experience arresting new scents every day in the run-up to Christmas, as we celebrate the beauty of a winter’s night on our island home. 

As you look up and see the stars dotted around the sky on a crisp, clear night on Arran, it’s impossible not to feel connected to the magic of our spectacular island. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel as you unbox our luxurious advent calendar, before working your way through the captivating selection of perfumes, lotions, gels and candles. 

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar

Embrace the magic of Scotland this Christmas with ARRAN

There’s nowhere quite like Scotland. And there’s nothing quite like our advent calendar. Our fragrances bring out the very best of our beautiful country, transporting you out of the ordinary every single time you open one of the doors. 

We’d advise you to be quick though, and order your calendar before it sells out. 

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