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Eau De Toilette Vs. Eau De Parfum | What's the Difference?

By Kira Kemlo

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When picking any type of fragrance, scent will of course be the most important consideration. Finding a scent that suits your personality, the occasion you want to wear it and the price point that works for you will be the first things to think about. When you then go to select your chosen scent, you may notice there's different options: Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum. But what does this mean?

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What is the difference? 

While both Eau De Toilette's and Eau De Parfum's of the same scent will have the same fragrance notes, they do differ in one very simple way: their concentration. 

Eau De Parfum's are made with a higher concentration of perfume oil, normally between 12-18%, which gives them a stronger scent. In contrast, Eau De Toilette's usually have a concentration between 8-12%, giving the scent a lighter feel. 

Which is better?

In the contest between Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum there is no clear winner, it depends on what the wearer wants from their fragrance. If you are looking for a lighter, every day scent then Eau De Toilette's with their lower perfume concentration will be more suitable. 

For those looking for a stronger, lasting scent, Eau De Parfums are the choice for you. Due to the higher concentration of perfume oil, the Eau De Parfum's fragrance will last around 4-5 hours, making this ideal for evenings. The most expensive part in perfume making is the perfume oil, therefore you may find Eau De Parfum's more expensive than Eau De Toilette's, but with their longevity and intense scent they are definitely worth it. 

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