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Finding the Perfect Christmas Advent Calendar

By Kira Kemlo

10 Min Read

Looking forward to Christmas? Us too. It’s such a fun time, with a lot to get excited about. Not least Christmas advent calendars. One of the best festive traditions, there’s nothing else in the year quite like opening a different door each day through December and unveiling a little treat just for you. 

Advent calendars have progressed far beyond merely being full of chocolate like the ones you grow up with. They’re now really popular as gifts to kick off the holiday season in style. Especially when you get a loved one something special like our advent calendar, which is packed with luxurious beauty products that mean you can savour a new fragrance every day. 

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar

Choosing the best advent calendar for Christmas

To find the perfect Christmas advent calendar, there are a number of things you need to think about. Whether you’re buying one for yourself or for your partner, friend, parent, child or another family member, you’ll want to match the calendar to whoever it’s for. 

How old are they? What are their interests? What do they like doing? What’s their personality like? Do they love luxury items or should the calendar contain toys, games, chocolate or drinks? Do they drink alcohol, or do they start each day with a cup of coffee or mug of tea? 

Whatever you land on, it can be a great idea to look out for limited edition calendars. If you’re buying for someone else, it’ll help show them how special you think they are. Or if it’s for you, it’ll make you feel special as you open up each door. Likewise when you pick an advent calendar with elegant packaging that evokes the excitement Christmas brings. 

When and where to buy Christmas calendars

It’s best to shop for a calendar as early as possible to avoid missing out on the one you want because it sells out. Some Christmas advent calendars sell out not long after they’re released, so you can pick between the best options when you shop early. 

Whether you’re shopping at a department store, speciality retailer or online, waiting until December will dramatically reduce your choice. Our calendar is available to order online and sells out every year. So we’d advise you to pick up your copy while it’s still available. 

The gift of Christmas luxury and indulgence

Nothing spells luxury better than opening a present filled with premium beauty products. Our calendar is perfect as an indulgent early gift, although the price tag is nowhere near as extravagant as the contents. The contents are worth more than £150 in total, but you’ll only pay £70 and get free delivery too. 

If you’re one of those people who embraces the magic of Christmas right from day one by getting your tree up for December 1st, why not celebrate by popping the first gift of the year straight under it. Better still, it can be opened right away. 

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Fragrance Advent Calendar

Christmas traditions with a Scottish twist

Inspired by the thrill of a winter’s night on Arran, our calendar’s packed with beautiful fragrances that pay homage to our spectacular island home. Whether you’re revealing a perfume, scented candle, soap or bath product, there’s an exciting treat waiting for you behind every door. 

Perhaps opening each one could become a new Christmas tradition you enjoy with your partner, as you start each day with a fresh new scent. Or maybe you prefer to save it for the evening, when you’re cuddled up in front of a cosy fire. Either way, it’s something to look forward to doing together throughout December. 

Deck the halls with boughs of fragrance

As well as indulging yourself with shower gels and perfumes, our calendar also contains festive scents to make your home smell wonderful too. Not least our seasonal Forest Frost and Rowanberry Embers candles. You don’t even have to light them to enjoy these lovely limited edition fragrances – you’ll smell them even as you come down your stairs in the morning if they’re dotted around your home! Not only is this cosy, inviting environment great for you, but also for when you welcome any Christmas visitors into your home. 

Displaying and using your advent calendar

The joy you get from an advent calendar doesn’t just come from what’s behind the doors. It’s in opening it and holding it in your hands for the first time. It’s in seeing it somewhere around your home throughout the month. And it’s in the anticipation of waiting to open each door. 

Be it on your kitchen counter, on the mantelpiece in your lounge or on your bedside table so you can open it first thing every morning, place your calendar somewhere visible. Preferably at eye or arm level, ready for you to open each door from December 1st right through to the 25th. 

Stick to the day on the door, and don’t be tempted to skip ahead or you’ll ruin the surprise! Although, if you do miss a day for some reason, it can be a real treat to open two or even three doors all at once. 

Order you special Christmas treat

With so many Christmas advent calendars out there, choosing the perfect one isn’t easy. But when you think about who it’s for and what they like, you can quickly narrow down what kind of calendar to get. Then you can pick between the best options within that category. 

We think our calendar is one of the best beauty advent calendars you can buy. It’s luxurious and indulgent with lots of beautiful fragrances, yet still very reasonably priced and great value for what you get. Our Christmas calendar makes for a memorable festive tradition, but it sells out every year – so don’t wait around and order now to secure your copy

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