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From Our Island To Your Home

By Kira Kemlo

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On the Isle of Arran we are proud of our unspoiled way of life. Living in touch with the simple elements that inspire and connect us, where the cold sea, the vibrant land, and our fresh spring water from the rugged hills bring comfort and serenity. Untouched, natural elements surround our land and water from our very own freshwater spring finds its way into each and every one of our island made products. Here you’ll find the moments that capture the true sense of Scotland within our unique range of Bath, Body & Home products. Transport your mind to our unspoiled island home and allow our evocative scents to help you connect you with nature.

Inspired by Nature

Every ARRAN Sense of Scotland product is inspired by the nature that surrounds our Island Home. Discover the serenity of a Summer’s garden following a rain shower with best-selling After The Rain. Let the refreshing aroma of lime, rose and sandalwood whisk you away to the Isle of Arran. Escape to the silver sands of Kildonan with this beachy scent or feel a rush of energy with invigorating Glenashdale, named after the famous falls.

From Our Island to Your Home

Bring a piece of our Island into your Home with our bath, body and home collections. Each bottle contains pure Arran water, bringing you closer to nature with every use. Which scents will you discover next?

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