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Glen Rosa | My Island Monday

By Kira Kemlo

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Welcome to our Island Home, the Isle of Arran. Every ARRAN Sense of Scotland fragrance draws on inspiration from the nature that surrounds our Home. Discover the serenity of a Summer’s garden following a rain shower with best-selling After The Rain. Let the refreshing aroma of lime, rose and sandalwood whisk you away to the Isle of Arran. Escape to the silver sands of Kildonan with this beachy scent or feel a rush of energy with invigorating Glenashdale, named after the famous falls.

Journey around the Isle of Arran through scent. 

Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran

Glen Rosa

One of the Isle of Arran's most iconic spots is Glen Rosa, found just outside of Brodick. There's two main reasons why this spot is loved by tourists and locals alike: beautiful pools to swim in and access to some of Arran's main peaks. 

As you walk through Glen Rosa you'll be wowed by the variety of colour in the landscape as well as the grand scale of Goat Fell, watching over the Glen. Rolling hills of heather and luscious green fields welcome you into Glen Rosa.

If you continue to follow the water upstream and you'll find the blue pools of Glen Rosa where you can take a dip and escape from daily stresses.

Fragrance Notes

Inspired by the vibrant summer sunsets which surround our island home, Glen Rosa is undoubtedly our most exotic fragrance collection. This velvety fragrance combines the timeless warmth of ripe, honeyed fig together with the freshness of crushed, green leaves - capturing the warmth of Glen Rosa during summertime. 

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Bath & Shower Gel

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