How Long Do Candles Last?

By Hailey Ward


Whether it’s a dinner party with friends, a relaxing bath or a quiet evening with a good book, candles add a warm, cosy charm to any home. But how long do candles last

Understanding how long candles burn is key to making the most of them. By knowing the burn time and how to get the most out of this, you can plan for any occasion and make sure the cosy atmosphere you get from your home fragrances lasts for longer.


Things that affect how long a candle lasts

Our 35cl candles burn for around 35 hours, but there are a number of things that can affect how long candles last for. 

  • Size

Larger candles with more wax will usually burn for a longer time than smaller ones. 

  • Wax type

Different types of waxes have different burn rates. 

  • Wick quality

High-quality wicks burn more efficiently and evenly, extending the candle’s life. 

  • Environmental conditions

Draughts, humidity and temperature can all affect your candle’s burn rate. Draughts can cause flickering which leads to uneven burning, while humidity and temperature changes can alter the wax's consistency. 


Candle size and burn time

The size of your candle directly impacts its burn time. Larger candles with more wax burn much longer than smaller ones. 

Tealights can light up your space for about 3-4 hours, while votives offer a cosy glow that lasts for around 15-20 hours. 

Pillar candles can shine brightly for 50-60+ hours, depending on their height. And jar candles last anywhere from 30 to over 90 hours, depending on their size. 


Wax type and composition

Different types of wax affect how long and how well your candles burn. 

  • Paraffin wax

Widely used and affordable. Paraffin can burn faster than other kinds of wax, but it’s used in candles a lot as it offers a strong scent throw. It can also hold a lot more colour than alternative wax types. 

  • Soy wax

Burns longer and produces less soot. It can be more expensive and has the potential to be a little more fussy when it comes to temperature and humidity, as it can expand and contract with heat or cold. 

  • Beeswax

Beeswax burns the longest. It also emits a natural, honey-like scent, but is the most expensive option and doesn’t hold on to fragrance as well as other types of wax. 

  • Coconut wax

Burns slowly and evenly but can be costly. This kind of wax has a very low melting point, so is highly affected by temperature. Due to this, it’s often blended with soy and beeswax to help make it more stable.


Wick quality and maintenance

The quality of your wick quality and how you look after it is important to keep your candle burning for as long as possible. A well-made wick keeps the flame burning evenly, extending the candle's lifespan. 

Always trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch before each burn to prevent soot and smoke. Make sure the wick remains centred while burning to stop it from tunnelling. Be sure to clear any wick trimmings or debris from the wax pool to avoid uneven burning and wick clogging. 

If you take good care of your candles, you’ll be rewarded with a longer, cleaner burn. Follow these steps to enjoy your beautiful candles for longer. 


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