How Long Do Diffusers Last?

By Hailey Ward


We all love our homes to smell delightful, and reed diffusers are a classic, tried and tested way to do so. But how long do diffusers last? Understanding this is important to keep your home smelling beautiful. It can help you to budget accordingly and replace them in a timely manner, so your home always smells fresh and lovely.


Things that affect how long a diffuser lasts.

Our reed diffusers typically last for around six months, but there are a variety of things that can influence this.

  • Diffuser quality

Investing in a higher quality diffuser will usually mean that it lasts longer. They’re typically made using more durable materials and better manufacturing processes. Cheaper products may degrade at a faster rate because they aren’t made as well.

  • Type of reeds or wicks

Both the material and the quality of the reeds used in your diffuser play an essential role in its lifespan. The reeds determine how the fragranced oil is dispersed throughout your space.

High-quality, natural reeds can absorb the oil more easily. The reed length can also play a big part. Longer, thicker reeds may release the scent at a slower rate, allowing the diffuser to last longer.

  • Fragrance oils

The type of oil used in your diffuser matters too. Natural oils tend to evaporate more slowly than synthetic oils, so they’re a good option to maximise scent longevity.

We use beautifully scented natural essential oils with our diffusers to provide long-lasting fragrance inspired by our rugged island home.

  • Environmental conditions

Higher temperatures can cause the oils to evaporate more quickly. The best temperature is around 18-24ºC. Humidity matters too. Lower humidity levels will lead to faster absorption, shortening your diffuser’s lifespan.

  • Placement

Well-ventilated rooms are the ideal spot to place your diffuser for maximum scent circulation. Moving air from windows and doors can prevent the fragrance from settling in one place and prolong the effectiveness of your diffuser.

Remember to keep your reed diffuser away from direct sunlight and sources of heat like radiators or fires to prevent it from drying out.


Quality of diffuser materials

Choosing high-quality diffusers means better durability and a long-lasting performance. Better materials reduce the risk of any unwanted breaks or leaks.

A well-made reed diffuser will reward you with a longer lifespan. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy a consistent fragrance and more pleasing aesthetic.

A durable diffuser will need replacing far fewer times than a cheaper option, saving you money in the long run. By choosing quality over affordability, you’ll be able to enjoy more gorgeous, fresh home fragrances for longer.


Type of fragrance oils used

Both the quality and concentration of the fragrance oils you choose will significantly impact how long your diffuser lasts. High-quality oils tend to evaporate more slowly, extending the diffuser's lifespan.

Oils of a lower quality will evaporate at a faster rate. With this kind of oil quality, you’ll be refilling your diffuser more often than you would compared to an oil made with better ingredients.

When selecting fragrance oils, go for pure, natural blends that are made without additives or synthetic fillers. Make sure they’re specifically formulated for use with reed diffusers for the best possible performance.


Placement and environment

Placing your diffuser in a suitable environment will really allow it to shine and fill your home with the loveliest scents – the way it was made to do. 

Direct sunlight and excess heat can accelerate evaporation, reducing the diffuser's longevity. Draughty areas may disrupt the dispersal of fragrance oils. 

The best placement for your reed diffuser is in a well-ventilated area that remains a stable temperature. Ideally away from direct sunlight and heat sources. 


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