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Whether you’re in need of a little R&R or a fresh start, read on to discover the fragrance notes you can incorporate into your everyday routine to help boost your mood and enhance your state of mind.

The Science of Scent

Certain scents have the power to transport us back in time. Whether it’s the warm, comforting aromas of vanilla from baking in our childhood to the delicate notes of freshly bloomed flowers in the summer, the part of our brain that processes smell also retains memories. This means that any scent we encounter becomes stored and processed as a memory, which evokes certain emotions and affects our mood.

Not only this, but certain fragrances can also help to improve our mood. In fact, aromatherapy, the art of using essential oils and plant extracts to help improve our overall wellbeing, is a practice which has been used for thousands of years for this very purpose.

So whether you're looking to feel relaxed and restored or uplifted and inspired, let us guide you through the top fragrances to help improve your mood. 

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Scents to Calm


Renowned for its stress-relieving properties, lavender has been used to help us de-stress since the art of aromatherapy first began. With light, floral notes, lavender is known to help reduce anxiety levels and help promote a better night’s sleep.

Inspired by the calm serenity of the glens which surround the Isle of Arran, find your inner peace with Glen Iorsa - a relaxing blend of lavender, infused with tiny indulgences of sage and spearmint.

Image of lavender shower gel and body mist on wooden bath blank with white dressing robe in background.


Similarly, jasmine essential oils create a calming effect on our minds, helping to alleviate feelings of stress and tension. Try lighting our Jasmine & Philadelphus Candle in the evening to create your own at-home spa experience.

Jasmine & Philadelphus 35cl Candle

Jasmine & Philadelphus 35cl Candle


Create an uplifting mood with the fragrance of this luxury scented candle. A light, floral fragrance combining notes of jasmine, tuberose and mellow philadelphus. Packaged in an Arran Home candle tin.

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Scents to Uplift


Affectionately known as the “finest flower of citrus”, bergamot has the bright, refreshing aromas of citrus which we know and love, but with a distinctive hint of spice which gives this zesty scent its unique character. Thanks to this, essential oils of bergamot have been known to help boost our mood and overall wellbeing by reducing stress and clearing our minds with its sharp, citrus notes.

Whether you’re in need of a room refresh or want to ensure an uplifting start to every day, our Bergamot & Geranium Reed Diffuser and Imachar Bath & Shower Gel both contain accents of bergamot to leave you feeling refreshed, restored and revitalised for the day ahead.

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Often associated with summertime due to its lively character, grapefruit essential oils are a must for anyone seeking a fresh start. Not only has this citrus scent been known to help reduce stress levels, it’s also great for improving concentration due to its invigorating properties. Inspired by the waterfalls which bring revitalising energy to the south of our island home, refresh and rejuvenate your senses with the uplifting notes of Glenashdale; an awakening blend of grapefruit, rasped lemon and vetiver.

Image of citrus shower gel, body lotion and candles on wooden table with sliced grapefruits in background

Scents to Soothe


The warm, earthy and woody scent of sandalwood makes it the ideal base or middle note in perfumes. In fact, this particular scent is known to help us feel more grounded, balanced and promote feelings of comfort and relaxation. Infused with a balanced blend of sandalwood alongside the gentle floral notes of rose petals and an uplifting hint of lime, our After the Rain collection is a timeless classic and perfect for those seeking a moment of solitude.

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Ylang Ylang

A star-shaped flower native to Cananga trees in India, Malaysia and the Philippines, ylang ylang essential oil is a vibrant, exotic scent most commonly used in perfumes and fine fragrance. Known to help alleviate feelings of stress and boos self-esteem, this soothing scent is ideal for those of us looking to take some time out after a hectic day.

Taking its name from the vibrant summer sunsets on our island home, our Glen Rosa Bath & Shower Gel contains Pro-Vitamin B5 along with essential oils of fig, honey and ylang ylang to wash away your worries and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Bath & Shower Gel 300ml

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Bath & Shower Gel 300ml Fig & Ylang Ylang


Inspired by the sunsets that surround the island, this fig and ylang-ylang shower gel is made with essential oils and paired with notes of honeyed fruit, green leaf and even a hint of coconut. Enriched with the goodness of Pro-Vitamin B5 for a super nourishing and cleansing formula, the Glen Rosa shower gel is the ultimate treat for a morning shower or evening bath.

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Behind the Blend | Glenashdale Grapefruit & Green Leaf
After the Rain 35cl Candle

After the Rain 35cl Candle Lime, Rose & Sandalwood


Create an uplifting mood with the fragrance of this luxury scented candle. After the Rain is an irresistibly fresh fragrance of rose petals, musk and floral citrus, combined with the aroma of Arran's precious woods. Packaged in an Arran Home candle tin.

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Glen Iorsa Lavender and Spearmint Calming Pillow Mist Spray 100ml

Glen Iorsa Lavender and Spearmint Calming Pillow Mist Spray 100ml Lavender & Spearmint


Promote relaxation and create a sense of peace with the calming properties of this Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist  Spray, great for promoting sleep when used as a pillow spray.

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This item is only available for UK delivery

Glenashdale Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel 300ml

Glenashdale Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel 300ml Grapefruit & Green Leaf


Wake up to the invigorating scent of the Glenashdale Bath and Shower Gel, made with essential oils of grapefruit and green leaf, providing you with zesty citrus notes and hearty bergamot. Enriched with vitamins for the best possible cleansing formula, the Glenashdale shower gel lathers up with ease under hot water, coating the body with the nourishing feel and delicate scent, leaving your skin feeling and smelling luscious all day long.

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