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How To Care For Your ARRAN Reed Diffuser

By Kira Kemlo

10 Min Read

Looking for an easy and effective way to scent your home? Reed Diffusers offer just this, however they are not as low maintenance as they seem. Our top tips will help you get the most out of your Diffusers. 


Image shows 2 reed diffusers and the cylinder packaging they come in


 Set Up

Your ARRAN Sense of Scotland Diffuser will arrive in a tin and will contain the 200ml home fragrance and pack of reeds. Open the tin the right way up to unveil your brand new Reed Diffuser, and you can either repurpose the tin or recycle as it is fully recyclable. Before you open your bottle, consider two things: temperature and placement.

Temperature of a room may cause your scent to disperse quicker - which isn't necessarily a bad thing if that is what you want. Dispersing quicker means the scent will be stronger within the room you've chosen, so if you love a stronger scent, try popping your scent in a sunny spot or near a radiator or heater. 

When thinking of where to place your Diffuser, remember to place out of reach of children and pets where it could be easily knocked over as the contents should not be ingested and may stain furniture where spilled. We also recommend not placing your diffuser in an area next to windows that often are opened as you will needlessly lose fragrance. 

Once you have found the ideal location for your Diffuser, carefully remove the stopper and place your reeds in. It may take a couple days for scent to be produced as the reeds need to soak in the fragrance first. 


Image shows 4 reed diffusers, the oil colour varies from clear to yellow. They sit on top of a sidetable.



Every few weeks you will notice you start to lose the scent from your Diffuser, this is easily fixed by turning the flipping the reeds. Make sure you do this carefully and not over furniture as spills may stain. If you want a quick burst of fragrance, simply turn the reeds and you'll soon be able to smell the difference.

If you find the scent from your Reed Diffuser has become too strong, you maybe need to take a few reeds out which will mean less scent is dispersed. You may find you need to do this in smaller rooms. 


3 Reed Diffusers packaged and sitting in wooden bowl

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Just Grapefruit 

Vibrant, fresh and deliciously fruity, our zesty Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser packs a punch! Notes of lemon, orange and pink grapefruit blend with vetiver to create a mood-boosting, joy-inducing scent that everyone loves.

Just Grapefruit Reed Diffuser


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