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How to Choose The Best Advent Calendar 2023

By Kira Kemlo

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Starting to count down the weeks to Christmas? Exciting, isn’t it. There’s a lot to look forward to over the festive period, especially if you’re lucky enough to make some memories with your loved ones. And then there’s your advent calendar. 

One of the most fun Christmas traditions where you uncover a treat behind every door in the run-up to the big day, calendars contain everything from chocolate to toys, alcohol and treats for your pet. Our 2023 advent calendar meanwhile is packed with beauty products, allowing you to indulge in a spot of festive luxury each day in December. 

Fragrance Advent Calendar by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

How to choose the best advent calendar

The first thing you need to consider if you’re on the hunt for the best advent calendar 2023 has to offer, is who you’re buying for. Is it yourself, your partner, friend, child, parent or another family member? What do they like, and what are their interests? Do they love gourmet chocolates, luxury fragrances or making things? Will they be happy with a chocolate calendar from the supermarket, or would they appreciate the thought behind something a bit different that makes them feel special? 

Then you need to think about how much you’ll spend. What’s your budget, and does the calendar you’re looking at represent great value? No matter what you’re spending, you’ll want to get something that comes in nice packaging that looks and feels like it’s good quality. 

It can be a bit of a minefield trying to choose which advent calendar to buy. Check out the product details to see exactly what you’re getting, and read reviews to see what other people think of it. 

Best classic chocolate advent calendars

Traditional chocolate calendars will never go out of style. After all, what’s better than opening a door and eating chocolate first thing in the morning, before you’ve even had breakfast? Top brands like Cadbury and Mars are always popular, with lots of different options to choose between when it comes to which one to go for and the cost usually well under £10. 

Are you a straight up Dairy Milk kind of person, or does only a Crunchie truly hit the spot? Perhaps you’re all about the Maltesers, or can never look past a Galaxy. Whatever it is, there are more luxurious choices to consider too, including Lindt, Whittaker’s and Thorntons if you have a bigger budget to play with. 

Top non-food advent calendars

There are lots of options when it comes to calendars you can’t eat too. Maybe you’d like to take the opportunity to expand your coffee-drinking horizons with the Artisan Coffee Co. hanging coffee calendar, available for around £30. Or if you’re a tea drinker then how about the English Tea Shop Christmas Night organic tea bag advent calendar, at a shade over £10. 

Looking to splash out on a fragrance calendar? Yves Saint Laurent and Dior have them for £250 and £570 respectively. Love your gin? Fever-Tree’s gin and tonic calendar comes in around the £65 mark. Big LEGO fan? Check out the calendars from themes like Star Wars and Harry Potter. Or for something activity-based and creative, try Play-Doh’s advent calendar at a price point of around £15. 

Advent calendars filled with festive luxury

If you’d like to take things to the next level – not forgoing your usual chocolate calendar, of course – then a luxury advent calendar containing beauty products could be the way to go. Especially if you’re buying one as a gift for your partner or another loved one, and better still if you can enjoy it together. 

Our advent calendar is full of delightful treats rich in fragrance and luxury, including scented candles, perfumes, soaps and bath products. Featuring some of our most popular collections such as After the Rain, Glenashdale and Kildonan, the contents are worth over £150. However, you can secure your copy now for only £70, with free delivery too. 

Beautifully designed for an elevated unboxing experience

Celebrating a winter’s night on our beautiful home of Arran, our calendar’s beautifully designed inside and out. You’ll love the look and feel of it. We’ve made sure the calendar’s just as nice to see around your home every day as it is in your hands when you open each door. Elegant, refined and premium quality, the design will only enhance your excitement each time you reveal a new product. 

Excitement that builds to Christmas Day

Advent calendars aren’t just about counting down the days to the big one. They’re about celebrating each day. Living in the moment. And giving you something exciting to punctuate your day in the run-up to Christmas. You get the magic of discovering a new fragrance every day, before an extra-special treat on the 25th. 

Get the calendar you want while you can

As the festive season draws closer, it’s a good idea to get your advent calendar as early as possible. You’ll have the best choice, and you won’t miss out on the one you wanted if it sells out. 

If you’re searching for the best advent calendar, 2023 has plenty of contenders. We think ours is right up there when it comes to luxury, quality and value. It sells out every year, so make sure you get your copy while you can. 

2023 Advent Calendar

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