How to create the ultimate cosy night in

There's something particularly comforting about the word autumn. Images of burnt orange and burgundy leaves, layering up with our favourite scarves and coats and cosy nights in curled up on the couch instantly spring to mind. With many of us appreciating the little things in life as a result of the additional time spent at home over the last few months, setting aside some time for yourself in the evening is one way of helping to enhance your wellbeing during these uncertain times. As we welcome the start of a new season, discover our top five essentials to create the ultimate cosy night in.

Home Comforts

Introducing cosy blankets and cushions are some of the most quick and easy ways to create a cosy atmosphere at home. Thicker textures can completely transform the look and feel of your surroundings for the season ahead. Opt for neutral tones to create a soothing ambience, or autumnal tones of burnt orange and burgundy for a seasonal switch. 

ARRAN Candle and Diffuser in lounge

Scent the Scene

Autumnal evenings wouldn't be complete without the ambient glow of a scented candle. Infused with essential oils to help relax and reset, decorate your home with the scents of the season with some of our hand poured scented candles. Soothe your senses with notes of rose petals, musk and floral citrus in After the Rain, or the warming notes of Cedarwood & Citrus for a seasonal refresh. 

After the Rain Candle and Hand Cream on lounge table with mug

Call a Loved One

Now more than ever, keeping in touch with our loved ones has never been so important. Whether you prefer a quick catch-up over the phone or a video call with your nearest and dearest, taking some time out of your day to speak to those closest to us can help us to switch off and unwind at the end of a long day.

Bathing Bliss

Escape the chill of the new season by drawing yourself a long, warm bath. Wash your worries away with the soothing notes of our After the Rain Bath & Shower Gel, or ease any areas of tension with our Lavender & Black Pepper Muscle Soak

Woman relaxing in bath

Hug in a Mug

Love them or loathe them, the distinctive chill in the air and darker evenings drawing in are some of the defining features of autumn. Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, introducing a herbal tea into your evening wind-down rituals can help to clear your mind, prepare your body for a restful night's sleep and provide a little extra warmth during cooler evenings. Try chamomile or lavender tea, both renowned for their relaxing properties, to help soothe mind and body before bed. 

Woman relaxing with mug of tea and book

Discover our full collection of calming scents here.

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The Best Autumn Scents for your Home
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After the Rain 35cl Candle

After the Rain 35cl Candle Lime, Rose & Sandalwood


Create an uplifting mood with the fragrance of this luxury scented candle. After the Rain is an irresistibly fresh fragrance of rose petals, musk and floral citrus, combined with the aroma of Arran's precious woods. Packaged in an Arran Home candle tin.

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After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel

After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel Lime, Rose & Sandalwood


Cleanse and moisturise the skin in a relaxing bath, or refreshing shower, with the gentle properties of our best-selling After the Rain Bath & Shower Gel. The After the Rain shower gel blends notes of sandalwood, rose and lime, creating a refreshing and bright fragrance combined with a decadent formula made with essential oils for extra moisture. Containing pro-vitamin B to encourage healthy skin, this cleansing After the Rain bath and shower gel really will become your go-to.

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Formulas Lavender & Black Pepper Mineral Muscle Soak

Formulas Lavender & Black Pepper Mineral Muscle Soak


Relax, unwind and destress tight muscles with a relaxing bath and the Arran Sense of Scotland Lavender and Black Pepper Mineral Muscle Soak. Run under hot water to infuse your bath with the uplifting scent and rejuvenating qualities of lavender and black pepper, the essential oils used in the formula delicately nourishes and moisturises the skin while helping every joint and muscle to breathe and release.

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This item is only available for UK delivery