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By Kira Kemlo

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We can all agree that focusing on wellbeing is key to a happier, more balanced life, however how, in this busy day and age, do we easily achieve this? This is where ARRAN Naturals steps in. 

After much thought and with expert formulation, we've reimagined your routine to help give you what you may feel is stopping you from being your best self. We aim to bring wellbeing to you, without the stress of any additional steps. No gym session, no caffeine hit, no journaling required. Just do the things you normally do - take a shower in the morning, wash hands throughout the day, moisturise before bed. Simply choose a Naturals Expression and without any extra effort, the functional fragrance and active ingredients do the heavy lifting.

Allow yourself to be transported to your own tranquil Island every time you use your chosen Expression. 

Shows various products from new ARRAN Naturals in the 3 different expressions: Calm, Mindful and Awaken. Find Soaps, Lip Balm, Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Bath Salts, Shower Gel and Pulse Point Oils

Which Expression Should You Choose? 

Our in-house experts have spent the last 2 years developing our brand new products with your wellbeing in mind. We have found the joy in nature - especially over the past few years and we've seen first hand the effect surrounding yourself in nature can have on your physical and emotional wellbeing. With this in mind, our team developed our 3 unique ARRAN Naturals Expressions: Calm, Mindful and Awaken.

All our Expressions feature Hand Wash, Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion and (coming soon) Deodorant, with Mindful adding a Lip Balm and Bath Salts to their range and Calm adding a Pulse Point Oil. 


Combat the modern world and unwind with natural essential oils to help create a positive mindset and eliminate negative emotions. Lavender & Chamomile effectively soothes stress, calms the mind and assists relaxation. This blend is enhanced with Vetiver and Palmarosa oils to help reduce anxiety, instil mental clarity and restore wellbeing. 

Experience Calm within your home throughout the day with our Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion. Follow up with our soothing Pulse Point Oil, the perfect size for on-the-go Calm. 

Image shows ARRAN Naturals Calm Collection with Soap, Pulse Point Oil Rollerball, Shower Gel, Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion
Prices starting from £11


Find harmony between mind and body with MindfulLed by a bright Lemon essence which helps create a positive mindset, eliminating negative emotions and increasing concentration. Centred by the grounding scent of Geranium which promotes relaxation and tension-reducing Patchouli. Allow the functional fragrance of Mindful to support emotional balance, creating a more positive headspace. 

Image shows new ARRAN Naturals Mindful Collection, from left to right, Soap, Bath Salts, Lip Balm, Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion and Body Wash

Prices starting from £9.50


Refresh & energize your body and mind. Sometimes we need a little extra boost to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind. A carefully chosen blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus can help boost your energy and enhance your mind. The addition of Rosemary oil to assist with increased concentration will ensure the best start to your day, every day. 

Feel the rush of energy and strength Awaken brings and allow it to transport you to your refreshing Island. Simply apply the products and feel the difference. 

ARRAN Naturals Awaken Collection from left to right, Soap, Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Wash
Prices starting from £11

Why Choose ARRAN?

Our brand new ARRAN Naturals Expressions are made with 100% natural fragrance and up to 100% ingredients of natural origin, combined in perfect harmony to create 3 multifunctional expressions - Calm, Mindful and Awaken. We manufacture all goods on our unspoiled Island home of Arran, with each product containing our fresh spring water - from our Island to yours. 

As well as our natural ingredients and fragrance, all ARRAN Naturals products are 100% vegan-friendly, cruelty free and come with our wellbeing guarantee. 

We are just as considerate of the outside as we are on the inside, with aluminium packaging for all our bottles.  Aluminium uses less energy compared to other materials within the recycling process, plus it's endlessly recycled with 75% of all aluminium ever made still in use today. In-line with our sustainability goals, we offer a Refill system across our Body Wash and Hand Wash as well as reduced packaging in online orders with the removal of unnecessary plastics, all sent from our 100% carbon neutral warehouse. 

Feel your chosen Expression doesn't give you what you need? We provide a Wellbeing Guarantee so if you aren't satisfied with your ARRAN Naturals Expression - you can receive a full refund. 


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