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Is Expensive Shower Gel Worth It?

By Kira Kemlo

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In today's world there is a real push for wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and new products are added to the market every day that are said to help you become the best version of yourself - whatever your goal may be. In recent years, there has been a call for both product and brand transparency, with many people putting focus on finding ingredients without any harmful toxins and chemicals that can be found in a surprising number of high street bath and body products. The move to using safer, “cleaner” beauty products has been documented in a poll by Harpers BAZAAR stating nearly 50% of women have made this switch and over 60% would be willing to splash out on more expensive products if it meant less toxins1.

Collection of bath & shower gels sprawled out on towel

What Ingredients Do We Want to See?

Product ingredient lists can be daunting however there are some key ingredients to look out for and steer clear of. One of the most prevalent ingredients in all beauty products is preservatives and some are cleaner than most. The most dangerous preservative is Formaldehyde which is recognised globally as a carcinogen and therefore should be avoided at all cost, alongside other ingredients like Mineral Oil (Paraffin) which is commonly used to add moisture into formulations and Triclosan which acts as an antiseptic2.

At ARRAN, we find the most important ingredients to be the essential oils we use and the base for all our products – water.

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and they only grow in popularity and it’s not hard to understand why. Not only can these oils improve skin issues, they have links to improving headaches, insomnia and reducing stress and anxiety2. Studies also show some essential oils like tea tree and peppermint boast antibacterial properties which could also help skinand can be found in our Lavender & Tea Tree range.

Did you know all of our products contain water from our very own freshwater spring on the Isle of Arran, where we make our products. Scotland is known for their high quality water and we are proud we can put nothing but the best in our formulations.


Image shows 5 bottles of shower gels in different colours, all in a row. From left to right, yellow (Glenashdale), pink (Glen Rosa), gold (After the Rain), purple (Glen Iorsa) and green (Imachar)


Cleaner Body Care at ARRAN 

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so you should make sure you protect and take care of it every day. Our most caring range is our Apothecary Collection which focuses on more natural ingredients to provide the antidote to modern life. Unwind and relax with our Apothecary shower gel collections – with 3 different key ingredient bases there really is something for everyone.

Apothecary 01. Aloe Vera Shower Gel

Referred to as nature's first aider and known for its hydrating and soothing qualities, Aloe Vera is one of our favourite ingredients to use. Aloe has been known to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin which is necessary to keep skin looking younger for longer.

Apothecary 02. Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Gel

Relax, calm and heal your mind, body and soul with our Lavender & Tea Tree range. Lavender and Tea Tree oil are both known for their healing properties. Lavender oil aids both body and mind with its skin soothing qualities and stress relieving powers. Mix Lavender oil with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory Tea Tree oil, and you find the foundation of our Lavender & Tea Tree range.

Apothecary Lavender & Tea Tree Bath & Shower Gel

Apothecary 03. Seaweed & Sage Shower Gel

Formulated with purifying and mineral-rich seaweed extract plus sweet-smelling lemon, geranium, and orange, our Seaweed & Sage Shower Gel makes for the most revitalising start to every day. Seaweed extract is a fantastic ingredient for skin and body care as it cleanses and detoxes skin as well as improving hydration and reducing pigmentation. Don't just take our word for it, 96% of users said they felt cleansed after use*!

Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Bath & Shower Gel

After the Rain Shower Gel

Looking for a luxury shower gel that will leave your skin feeling soft and gently cleansed? Enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 and essential oils, our nourishing After the Rain Shower Gel formula is perfect for everyday use due to its hydrating benefits. The essential oils used not only lead to softer skin but also leave your skin beautifully scented all day long. If you suffer from sensitive skin, why not pick up one of our Discovery Gift Sets so you can try a mix of our products in miniature for only £10.

After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel

Lime, Rose & Sandalwood

After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel


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*96% of customers who answered our survey agreed they felt cleansed after using products from the Seaweed & Sage Collection.

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