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Kildonan | My Island Monday

By Kira Kemlo


Welcome to our Island Home, the Isle of Arran. Every ARRAN Sense of Scotland fragrance draws on inspiration from the nature that surrounds our Home. Discover the serenity of a Summer’s garden following a rain shower with best-selling After The Rain. Let the refreshing aroma of lime, rose and sandalwood whisk you away to the Isle of Arran. Escape to the silver sands of Kildonan with this beachy scent or feel a rush of energy with invigorating Glenashdale, named after the famous falls.

Journey around the Isle of Arran through scent. 

Kildonan Beach on Isle of Arran


A breath-taking beach on the South of the Island

For those looking to visit the Isle of Arran, we highly recommend a visit to the beach of Kildonan. The beach is lined with silver sand, and large, rugged rock formations create natural break waters - stilling the water’s surface. 

Slow down and appreciate the nature that surrounds the south of Arran, including the many different types of wildlife including sheep, oystercatchers and if you're lucky, seals can be spotted sitting on the rocks in the sea. 

Take in the salty sea air as you enjoy the quiet respite of Kildonan. We recommend visiting on a clear day so you can see Pladda Lighthouse which lies around 1km off-shore. You can also sometimes see Ailsa Craig from the South of the Island, standing 338m tall! 

Fragrance of Kildonan

Top notes of violet leaf and lily-of-the-valley create a lightly floral, 'green', ozonic scent which instantly transports you to the silver sands of Kildonan. Both middle notes of cedar and orris and base notes of ambrette and cashmir wood bring a lasting woody, musky aroma to this scent. Fresh and alluring, this green, woody fragrance allows you to escape to paradise all from your own home. 

Kildonan 300ml Bath & Shower Gel

Orris & Violet Leaf

Kildonan 300ml Bath & Shower Gel


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