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Mum's Favourite: Behind The Scenes

By Natalie Brennan

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Mother's Day is such a special day, a day dedicated to celebrating the women in your life who have helped shape who you are today. At ARRAN Sense of Scotland, we create Mother's Day campaigns that not only showcase our selection of luxurious gifts but also resonate with our customers. 

Last year we explored Mother-Daughter dynamics and how scent can really bring people together with our Scent Memories campaign which turned into a more emotional video piece than we intended but it really stuck with us, and hopefully you too. 

This year we focus on a different relationship, with siblings, choosing the perfect gift for Mum. We hope you enjoy this year's campaign: Mum's Favourite. We'd love to tell you more about how this came to be...

BTS of ARRAN's latest Mother's Day campaign, our actors Carol and Alex who play Mother and Daughter smiling, looking off camera


It all starts with our creative content team of Kim and Kira at ARRAN Sense of Scotland, and their wonderful campaign idea for Mother's Day 2024 which was conceptualised in December 2023. The idea was to highlight the hard-working women in our business, all filmed within our factory on the Isle of Arran. Filming was to take place in January 2024 post Christmas-break however Storm Isha and Jocelyn had different ideas.

With a crew of 15 people stranded on the mainland, unable to travel to Arran, our Content Team and our Writer and Shoot Director, David, had to make a new plan and turn this round in only one week.

BTS of ARRAN's latest campaign with campaign director, sound recorder and actors mid-scene

Quick Thinking

Within a week Kim and David created a new campaign from scratch: Mum's Favourite. The story follows a Daughter/Sister, wrapping her Mother's Day gift when her younger Brother asks for help finding the perfect gift... on Mother's Day. The Sister then takes her Brother to our ARRAN Sense of Scotland store in Buchanan Galleries to find what is of course, Mum's Favourite gift.

Our team both loved the new idea and felt mild irritation with how relatable this situation is - so we knew we had to run with it! 

Within one week we had actors, a full film crew, stylist, makeup artist and brand new locations, ready to make some magic. At this time we'd like to thank everyone who worked on this shoot for being so flexible and accommodating with the numerous changes! 

BTS of ARRAN's latest campaign shoot with image of camera

Thank yous

Our wonderful film crew, David, Gail, Stu, Callum and Dave

Our fantastic stylist, Emma

Our amazing makeup and hair stylist, Claire

Our actors, Carol, Alex and Michael

The team at Miller Homes for letting us use one of their beautiful show homes

The team at Buchanan Galleries for helping us with our filming plans

And of course Kim and Kira for creating (what we think) is our best campaign yet!

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