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New and Improved Refillable Body Care

By Kira Kemlo

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For over 30 years, the Isle of Arran has been our home and its natural beauty has inspired our products and scents. Protecting our Island and the rest of the Earth is of utmost importance to us and by making our products more sustainable, we are helping to preserve the world around us. 

We launched our 2L Refills a couple years ago and due to an increase in demand, we've increased our Refill range!

Pink Glen Rosa shower gel and body lotion bottle and After The Rain shower gel bottle with image of 2L refill bottle beside both

Why Choose Refills? 

You may notice the rise in refillable products and that's for one very good reason - it reduces plastic waste. Across the world, roughly 370 million tons of plastic are produced every year - a number which has increased 80% since 2000. The majority of plastic created is single use and will be thrown away as quickly as you got it. We are taking action to reduce overall plastic consumption by offering our customers refills, using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials in our bottles and by removing unnecessary single use plastic in all online orders. 

Our eco-friendly 2L Refills reduce plastic consumption by up to 76% and you can enjoy a saving of 58% across our refilled products. 

What's New? 

Our Refills are now available across our bestselling Bath & Shower Gel ranges, joining our Shampoo and Hand Wash Refills. As well as this, we're happy to announce our customer favourite Kildonan has now been added to the Refill family in both Hand Wash and Bath & Shower Gel

2L Kildonan Bath & Shower Gel Refill

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