New Year Reset

By Kira Kemlo

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A new year is thought of as a new start. This is a time where we reflect on the past year, declutter our homes and start New Year's resolutions (most of which are mammoth tasks and goals that we struggle to complete). The pressure to make this year the best can be a lot to take on, so instead of beginning a whole new routine at once, take small steps daily to achieve one bigger goal. Need some healthy habit inspiration? Simply read our top 4 small goals that you might want to implement this year. 

Dancing in nature

1. Take Time To Relax

This time of year can feel overwhelming with trying to get into a new routine, or just back to your old routine after some much deserved time off. Amongst any other goals you may set, be sure to take some time out to relax, be that walking in nature, reading, journaling or simply sinking into a soothing bath. 

Clear your mind and submerge into a warm bath with our Mindful Bath Salts. Allow the mineral formulation soothe your muscles while the functional fragrance of lemon and patchouli washes over you to create harmony between mind and body. 


Bath Salts bottle next to emptied, scattered salts


2. Make Sustainable Swaps

Switching towards a more green way of life has been a popular move recently, and with good reason. We only have one Earth so we must work together to become more environmentally conscious and make some sustainable swaps where possible. Small changes can be made in your daily life to live a more green life, such as at home recycling, composting, shopping second hand, reduce purchasing single plastics and searching for more sustainable companies to shop with. 

An easy way to reduce your plastic intake is switching to ARRAN Naturals. Our bottles are made with aluminium which uses less energy to create than plastics and is far easier to recycle (almost 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today!). We also use PCR materials (post-consumer recycled) for our 1L Refill bottles which reduces waste, and saves you money in the long run. 

ARRAN Naturals refillable bottle pouring into standard bottle

3. Focus On Wellbeing

Both physical and mental health are equally as important so finding a balance where both are at the forefront of your mind is key.

For physical health, setting a goal of drinking more water, moving your body more and eating a balanced diet are all common goals and a great place to start your journey to improved wellness. 

Your mental wellbeing goals could find you trying journaling, practicing gratitude, mindful yoga, walks in nature or seeking some quiet time to unwind. For micro moments of wellbeing on the go, try our travel friendly Calm Pulse Point Oil and allow the calming scent of Lavender & Chamomile to whisk you away, giving you some much needed Island Time. 

Calm Pulse Point Rollerball being applied to wrist

4. Be Kind

Often we're kind to not just the people we love, but also strangers yet we aren't always kind to ourselves. When setting and reflecting on goals you set, remember to treat yourself with kindness. 

Hands held up to sun in heart shape

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