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Gift the Scent of Luxury: Must-Have Perfume Gift Sets She’ll Adore

By Kira Kemlo

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Are you after a thoughtful and exciting gift for a woman in your life? Be it for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or simply to show her you care, have you considered a perfume gift set? Perfect for experiencing a variety of scents and trying new fragrances, your gift could end up leading to the discovery of her new signature scent. 

Whether you’re looking for something for your partner, friend, colleague, mum, sister, grandma, aunt or other family member, perfume gift sets for women are great for all ages. So let’s help you find something your special lady will love. 

Perfume by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Finding a perfume gift set that speaks to her style

Any gift is better the more personal you can make it. Think about what the lady in your life enjoys doing. What’s her taste and style like? Is she vibrant and outgoing, and well suited to bold and bright fragrances? Or is she graceful and elegant, and partial to soft floral scents that exude sophisticated class? 

For the adventurer who loves to travel, try fragrances with exotic spices and woodsy undertones to match her penchant for exploring the outdoors. Think about clean, aquatic scents for the modern minimalist, or the warmth and sweetness of vanilla for the home bird. 

Whoever you’re buying for, consider the type of perfume she already wears. But don’t be afraid to introduce new scents that you think match her style and personality. 

Presentation matters: Gifting tips for perfume sets

It’s what’s inside that truly counts. But presentation is also a huge part of gifting a perfume set. The look and feel of the packaging. The premium gift wrapping, or the care you take to wrap it yourself. The handwritten note that accompanies it with some carefully chosen words. It all contributes to the experience your recipient has when she opens your gift, even before smelling the lovely fragrances you’ve got her. 

Perfume gift sets are ideal for any occasion, and you may want to tailor the presentation to your event. If you’re celebrating an anniversary then you might like romantic reds and purples. Or festive reds, greens and golds for Christmas. Whether it’s a birthday, thank you or out-of-the-blue treat, her favourite colours will always go down well too. 

Miniature Fragrance Gift Set for Her

Popular perfume gift sets for women

Here at ARRAN Sense of Scotland, we have a number of popular fragrances. So we thought we’d combine them into our Mixed Eau de Toilette Discovery Gift Set. Beautifully packaged in a luxurious gift box that features a map of Arran, the perfumes come in wooden-topped bottles that look great on display. 

The trio of scents in this set includes our After the Rain fragrance, which transports you to a summer garden on the Isle of Arran after a refreshing rain shower. Imachar whisks you to the peaceful natural beauty in the west of Arran, while Kildonan evokes the tranquillity of a silver sand beach in the south of the island. 

If you’re looking for a perfume gift set that includes other products, then check out our After the Rain Wash Bag. Ideal for ladies that love to travel, the set includes a 15ml eau de parfum, along with a bath and shower gel, body lotion and hydrating hand cream. 

To give the woman you’re buying for an even deeper sensory experience, why not consider some of our other fragrance gift sets too. She can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with our After the Rain Home Fragrance Gift Set or Bergamot & Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Set, where she’ll get two scented candles and a reed diffuser in a lovely gift box. 

Treat her to natural fragrances from Scotland

All of our fragrances are inspired by the unspoilt beauty of our spectacular island home. Invigorating and evocative, our perfume gift sets for women are perfect for tapping into the magic of Arran and connecting with nature. 

Browse our gift sets to find the lady in your life something they’ll adore, and don’t miss our gift wrapping service if you want to create your very own unique set. 

Gifts for Her from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

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