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Perfume Gifts For The Special Men In Your Life

By Kira Kemlo

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Choosing a gift for the men in your life can be tricky. Whether you’re shopping for your partner, dad, brother, uncle or another family member, or a friend or colleague, you’ll want to find something that reflects who he is as a person. 

Meaningful presents give you the chance to show someone how well you know and appreciate them. If you’re a little stuck for ideas for a man in your life, have you thought about perfume gift sets for him? Perfect for any man who wears aftershave, it’s a gift that can demonstrate just how much he means to you. 

Miniature Fragrance for Him by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

The allure of perfume gift sets

From aftershaves and balms to eau de toilette and eau de parfum, perfume gift sets are a great way to show someone you’ve thought about their tastes and interests. Especially if they love fragrances and trying new scents, offering the chance to explore an array of different aromas and collections. This type of gift epitomises refinement and sophistication, taking the recipient on a journey that you’ve chosen for them. 

Personalised perfume gifts for him

Perfume gift sets open up an unlimited world of fragrance discovery. From deep and grounding woody scents to bold and adventurous spicy notes and the invigorating burst of citrus, you can pick sets that match the personality and style of the men you’re buying for. 

We have a lovely selection of men’s fragrances for you to explore, coming in different sizes and strengths. 

Sannox Eau de Parfum

Our new premium collection fuses rich leather fragrances with amber, oud, pink pepper and saffron, available as a strong eau de parfum that lasts for up to eight hours. 

Machrie Eau de Toilette

This clean and crisp fragrance balances sea salt and clary sage with the woody earthiness of rockrose, all as a slightly softer eau de toilette. 

Lochranza Eau de Toilette

Also coming as an eau de toilette is our Lochranza fragrance, which has a woody base of patchouli and vetiver that’s brought alive by the freshness of lemon and grapefruit. 

Mens Fragrances

Creating experience gifts

One of the best ways to raise your gift-giving to the next level is to turn your present into more of an experience. For example, rather than just getting a set with a few different aftershaves in it, choose something that contains other grooming items to send your recipient on a refreshing self-care journey. 

To really ramp things up, you could even craft your own unique gift set for something truly memorable. We offer a luxury gift wrapping service that’s free on orders over £60, so why not add a selection of products like the ones below to your cart and tick the free gift wrapping option at checkout. 

Gift sets with iconic fragrances

Have you ever walked past someone wearing a fragrance you really recognise, and it instantly made you think of a person you know who wears the same one? Signature scents have the power to make a lasting impression, while iconic, masculine fragrances can define and enhance a man’s style. 

A gift set that includes one or more iconic scents is sure to go down a treat. Such as our new Sannox fragrance, a future classic. Perhaps you prefer the more rugged and earthy Lochranza, or Machrie’s crisp, clean, mineral freshness. Whatever it is, all of our fragrances are inspired by the spectacular natural beauty of our island home, Arran, and crafted with Scottish ingredients to deliver the very best our country has to offer. 

Mens Shower Gel Duo Gift Set by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Making gift giving meaningful

When you’re shopping for a man in your life, you can really show your appreciation by choosing a perfume gift set for him. Thoughtful, personalised and sophisticated, it’s the ideal present for anyone who loves fragrances – be it for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just a little treat to show you care. 

Check out our selection of men’s fragrances and gift sets for lots of wonderful ideas, and don’t forget about our free gift wrapping service if you want to create your very own set. 

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