Scent Memories With ARRAN

By Kira Kemlo

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As a celebration of the important women in our lives this Mother's Day, we brought together four pairs of Mothers & Daughters for a special interview session with ARRAN. We chatted the perfect Mother's Day plans and gifts, childhood memories and fragrances that bring back wonderful memories of people and places.

We hope these conversations inspire your own...


Christina and mum Barbara sitting on chairs in a warehouse studio


What are Scent Memories?

The power of fragrance

Have you ever found yourself walking down the street and someone walks by, wafting a scent that floods your brain and transports you to another place in time? This common occurrence has encouraged scientific research, uncovering the link between memory and scent. 

The olfactory bulb in your brain is responsible for transforming smells into information that is then sent to the limbic system, where the hippocampus is waiting, ready to attach emotions and memories to these smells. This function is totally unique to smell, no other sense is as in tune with the brain as scent.

The relationship between scent and memories can live in your brain for your whole life. Smells of your parents that brought you comfort as a child, the smell of your favourite meal or smells of certain flowers can bring back both happy and sad memories, memories you never even new were there. 

Scent Memories at ARRAN

This Mother's Day we wanted to find out more about the relationships between Mother's and Daughters and hear about their wonderful scent memories. From the aroma of Mum's fresh baking to catching a whiff of your favourite perfume, we discovered everyone has their own scent story. 

Sheena and daughter Lyndsey sitting on chairs in studio reminiscing over all photographs

"There’s a fragrance that would always remind me of you… And I smelled it the other day and it literally took me back to being about 7 years old, sitting on your bed while you were getting ready to go out for dinner and watching you do your hair and make-up, trying on all your clothes, and I was in your wardrobe trying on your shoes. That fragrance immediately makes me think of you and being a kid again."

For more enchanting Scent Memories, click the link below to watch our full campaign video. 

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