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By Olivia Carlin

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As the week draws to a close, nothing beats the simple pleasure of drawing ourselves a long bath to help wash our worries away. Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in the next chapter of your latest read or listen to your favourite album, the weekly ritual of 'Self Care Sunday' - taking time out from your hectic schedule to allow some well-deserved time to yourself to do the things you enjoy, has become one of the most common ways to help us revel in those rare moments of solitude.

Living in Scotland with a passion for interiors and beauty, we interviewed lifestyle influencer Carys Chapman to discover her top picks to help her unwind at the end of a busy week.

Everyone needs a dose of Self Care Sunday! With the madness of lockdown in our house, I've been trying to take a few extra moments for myself to unwind. The bubbliest bath, face mask on and some of my favourite products from ARRAN Sense of Scotland.

Scent the Scene

"Filling our home with calming scents using the Ultimate Fig scented candle and reed diffuser has helped us to unwind."

Infused with a mellow, warming blend of fig and sweet cassis, the ambient glow of our Ultimate Fig Scented Candle is guaranteed to help relax and restore both body and mind. 

Ultimate Fig Candle 35cl

Sweet Cassis Fig & Green Leaf

Ultimate Fig Candle 35cl

Reveal skin's inner glow 

"Exfoliate and moisturise with Seaweed & Mineral Salt Scrub - the perfect addition to my Sunday routine! 

A consistent body care routine is just as important as skincare. Containing natural seaweed to gently buff away dead skin cells along with coconut and sunflower oils to lock in moisture, look no further than our Formulas Seaweed & Mineral Salt Scrub to reveal your skin's inner glow. 

Soothe Skin & Spirits

"I could go on about this scent, it smells amazing! The Glen Rosa Body Lotion is non-greasy and enriched with essential oils including coconut, shea butter and aloe vera." 

Inspired by vibrant summer sunsets on our island home, indulge both skin and spirits with the fresh and fruity notes of fig, coconut and ylang ylang in our Glen Rosa Body Lotion.

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Body Lotion 200ml

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Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Body Lotion 200ml
Ultimate Fig Candle 35cl

Sweet Cassis Fig & Green Leaf

Ultimate Fig Candle 35cl