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Small Steps You Can Take to Protect the Planet

By Kira Kemlo

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Up to 10 million plastic bottles used for liquid soaps and hand sanitisers were found in UK landfill, a number which even with frequent hand washing over the past few years, is a shockingly high number. On top of this, over 300 million tonnes of plastic are created every year, with half being single use only. These numbers have inspired many to cut down their plastic usage and at ARRAN Sense of Scotland, we feel the need to act.

We have released our 2 Litre Refills across our popular Hand Wash and Shampoo to reduce the use plastics, leading to a cleaner, greener, earth.

Image shows old milk jug holding shower brushes on a table with 3 2Litre Hand Wash Refill bottles

What are hand wash refills?

Hand Wash refills are the perfect way to reduce plastic consumption. Think you’ve found your new favourite Hand Wash? By purchasing our 2L Refills, you can top up your 300ml Hand Wash bottle 6 times – which saves you ordering every time you need more. What’s more, you reduce the amount of bottles you purchase, therefore reducing the amount in landfill.

How long do they last?

The length of time you keep your Hand Wash Refills totally depends on how often you use them and what container you use to decant. We use 300ml Hand Wash bottles which you can refill 6 times, however if you use a container you already have, you reduce even more plastic waste.

If you think the average person washes their hands at home 5 times a day, then you could assume a 300ml bottle will last approximately 1 month. By this thinking, it would take one person roughly 6 months to run out of their Refill, so even less for a larger household.

Do hand wash refills save money?

Yes they do! Our Hand Wash Refills save you up to 58% - what more reason could you need to stop buying single bottles? You can also get 20% off your order by using our Subscribe and Save service – saving even more by switching to Refills!

How to reduce plastic at home

  • Ditch the plastic straws – if you still want a straw, why not try either metal, paper or bamboo
  • Use refill stations for not just Hand Wash but dried foods and cleaning products too
  • Avoid microbeads in cosmetics and opt for products with natural exfoliants instead
  • Switch from aerosol or roll on deodorants to solid options
Box full of empty plastic bottles

Why choose ARRAN?

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is proudly made in Scotland and has been inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Isle of Arran for over 30 years. As a result, we’re committed to protecting our natural environment and are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint. Working with TAP (Think About Plastic), ARRAN Sense of Scotland is proud to support the 'Plastic Free Community' status of the Isle of Arran.

Our bottles are made from 100% PCR-materials (Post Consumer Recycled), which means no virgin plastics are used. We have also reduced the amount of packaging in our online orders that leave from our 100% carbon neutral distribution centre.

These changes are just the start of our sustainability journey and we can’t wait to do more in the future.

Image shows orange bottle of Glenashdale Grapefruit Hand Wash being refilled with 2L Refill bottle

Find out more about our Eco-Friendly Commitments

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