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The Basics of Male Grooming

By Kira Kemlo

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Gone are the days of using one bar of soap for face, body and hair as male grooming becomes an essential routine for many. We all like to take pride in our appearance and in more recent years men have joined the selfcare movement and are looking after themselves both inside and out. If you’ve maybe stumbled across this post and are looking for some tips on navigating the world of male grooming then this is for you – keep reading.

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Top Tips for Male Grooming

When we hear the phrase male grooming, we like to break it down into sections: hair, face and body. Finding the perfect products for you is not an exact science as everyone is different however we have a few items in mind that will make your daily routines more enjoyable.


With hair being one of the first things people often notice, it’s definitely an important part of your grooming routine. The most common mistake people make is over-washing hair. To avoid damaging your scalp and hair, we recommend washing hair with shampoo 3 times a week and just using water on your hair for the days in between. This advice is based on the majority of people but if you have an oily scalp, have very thin hair or exercise and therefore sweat a lot, you may need to wash your hair more frequently but we still wouldn’t recommend daily hair washing.

After shampooing, condition hair – even short hair if possible – but again only between 1-3 times a week. Conditioner is great for adding in moisture and softening hair, however try to avoid conditioner on your scalp especially if you have an oily scalp as this may lead to excess oil buildup. When using any ARRAN Conditioner, we recommend you apply and leave in your hair for up to 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly for softer looking hair.

We recommend our Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Shampoo and the matching Conditioner which is part of our unisex range. The invigorating scent is the perfect way to kickstart your morning and its ingredients of seaweed extract provide prolonged hydration.

Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Shampoo 300ml


Typical skincare of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising should already be in your routine (if it’s not then what are you waiting for?) but something that may be overlooked is shaving. Whether you prefer having a great big beard or you prefer something more trim, it’s crucial you have the right tools that will give you the perfect outcome. For those who like a close shave, we recommend you try our Shaving collection – available in our two men’s scents, Machrie and Lochranza.

Before you start your shaving routine, we recommend jumping in the shower or soaking in the bath first, the steam will help open your pores which will give you a much closer shave and will help to prevent ingrown hairs or razor bumps. The next step involves using some sort of shave gel, cream or soap which will create a thin layer of protection between your skin and the blade, minimising friction and therefore irritation of the skin. For a quick shave or if you’re travelling, we recommend either our Machrie Shaving Gel or Machrie Shaving Cream. For those looking for a more traditional shaving experience, you can use our Lochranza Shave Stone, paired with Men’s Shave Brush to create a rich lather – again working the same way a gel or cream would. After shaving and patting skin dry, we recommend hydrating skin with a moisturiser or post-shave balm, like our Lochranza Aftershave Balm, which will help soothe inflamed skin and keep skin soft.

Men's Shave Stone & Soap and traditional Men's Shave Brush with towel and mirror

Body Care

Keeping yourself clean and smelling great all day long isn’t too difficult a task, especially with ARRAN’s Men’s Collections. Start your day off right with a quick shower using our refreshing Machrie Shower Gel, which not only cleanses and leaves you smelling fresh but it also contains pro-vitamin B5 which helps to nourish and hydrate skin. After showering and drying off, we recommend layering your scent, keeping you smelling fantastic all day long, no matter where the day takes you. Our Machrie Eau De Toilette works best as an everyday scent with its warming base notes and clean, crisp top notes of lavandin and origanum. Looking to change up your scent for the evening or a special occasion? Try our woody, spicy Lochranza scent, again available as a Shower Gel and Eau De Toilette, giving you a scent that lasts.


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