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By Olivia Carlin

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Expertly designed to fill each room with fragrance, our Home collection encapsulates the untouched beauty of our island home. Not only this, but did you know our Home Fragrance collection also contains a variety of handpicked essential oils known to enhance, uplift and revive spirits? Here, we reveal the mood-boosting benefits of our soothing Scented Candles, refreshing Room Sprays and stylish Reed Diffusers...

Scents to De-Stress

For two decades, our blend of lime, rose and sandalwood remains our signature scent. As popular as the fragrance remains, did you know lime and rose essential oils are renowned for their stress-relieving properties? Simply inhaling the floral and warming notes of our After The Rain Reed Diffuser can be enough to help rebalance and restore your mood. 

After the Rain Reed Diffuser

Lime, Rose & Sandalwood

After the Rain Reed Diffuser

Scents to Soothe

As the evening draws in, take a moment to yourself and reflect on the moments that made you smile. While doing so, light our Amber Wood Scented Candle and take a deep breath as the relaxing benefits of amber help to soothe your senses and restore inner calm.

Scents to Uplift

Awaken your senses with our Just Grapefruit collection and embrace a welcoming burst of invigorating grapefruit and green leaf whenever you enter your room. Blended with grapefruit essential oil, renowned for its uplifting and mood-boosting properties, a generous spritz of our Room Spray first thing in the morning helps to clear your mind for the day ahead and awaken your senses.

Just Grapefruit 100ml Room Spray

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