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Thoughtful Gifts To Treat The Men You Care About

By Kira Kemlo

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So who are you shopping for? Is it your partner, dad, brother, uncle or another family member? Maybe it’s a friend or colleague. Whoever it is, finding the perfect gift for a man in your life can often feel a bit daunting. 

If you’re looking for something that creates an experience through a thoughtful combination of products, have you considered gift sets for him? Perfect for packing in a whole lot of thought and charm, it’s a great way to show you care. 

Fragrance gifts for men

The art of choosing meaningful gifts

Choosing meaningful gifts for men is all about understanding their personalities and interests. It’s about showing them you’ve chosen something with real care. Better still if you can create a special experience for them into the bargain. 

Gifts sets are ideal for this, giving you the chance to send your recipient on a journey as they open your present. And that journey will be all the more exciting when the items are designed and made with care and quality – like you get with all of our gift sets

Tailored gift sets for him

Whether the man you’re buying for loves skincare, fragrances or grooming, gift sets can be tailored to suit different interests. Especially when you craft your very own unique set by selecting the products you want and choosing our gift wrapping service – which is free on orders over £60. Perhaps you’re including some bath and shower products, along with an eau de toilette, some shave cream and an after shave balm. And maybe a shave stone as a final flourish. 

If you’d rather choose one of the sets we’ve already put together, there are plenty of options to go for. 

Bath & Shower Gel Gift Set

Presented in a lovely gift box, this set includes two bath and shower gels. Our earthy Lochranza fragrance has aromas of patchouli, vetiver, lemon and grapefruit, while the clean and crisp Machrie balances sea salt and clary sage with the woody earthiness of rockrose. 

Shower & Shave Gel Discovery Gift Set

Our Lochranza and Machrie bath and shower gels are the stars of the show once again in this set, although this time they come in handy travel size with matching shave gels. 

Sannox Wash Bag

Sannox is our new, premium men’s fragrance, combining leathery notes with amber, precious oud, pink pepper and saffron. The set sees a soap, bath and shower gel, shave cream and after shave balm come in a wash bag that’s perfect for trips away. 

Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Discovery Gift Set

Find out if the man in your life loves the fresh, mineral richness of seaweed and sage in this discovery set featuring a soap, bath and shower gel, shampoo and body lotion. 

Choosing Gifts for Him with ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Pampering gifts for relaxation

Self-care themed gift sets are great for men to enjoy a little pamper session. And whether he likes to admit it or not, who doesn’t like one of those? You can create a spa-like experience for him by picking out some of our bath salts and oils, adding a muscle soak for a spot of rejuvenating luxury after a gym session, some sport or just a long day at work. For an even more relaxing ambience, turn off the bright bathroom light and let him bask in the glow of one of our scented candles

Signature scents for memorable gifts

Guided by our beautiful home, we’ve created an array of unique fragrances inspired by the Isle of Arran. Through collections like After the Rain and Sannox, we like to think we’ve captured the essence of Scotland. And whether the man you’re shopping for hails from our shores, loves to visit or has never stepped foot on our land, we’re confident he’ll feel invigorated by our iconic aromas. 

Our men’s fragrances come in a couple of different forms. 

Eau de toilette: Try a lightly scented aftershave from our Lochranza and Machrie collections. 

Eau de parfum: Our new Sannox fragrance is available in a more concentrated eau de parfum to last up to eight hours. 

Make any occasion special with ARRAN

We can help you if you’re looking for a gift set featuring a range of products that’ll make a lasting impression. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or something else, any man in your life will appreciate a carefully chosen gift. 

Pick from our selection of gift sets to find your perfect present, or create your very own special set by choosing a range of products and selecting our gift wrapping service

Men's Christmas gifts from ARRAN under the tree

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