Tips to Create a Positive Mindset

By Kira Kemlo


1. Create a powerful morning routine

Morning is the most important time of day so let your morning set you up for the best possible day. Create some non-negotiables before your 9-5, such as journaling, making a delicious breakfast or going on a morning walk. 

You could also try to find some time for self-care. Uplift your wellbeing with a burst of positivity and joy from the functional fragrance of bergamot & grapefruit. Simply hop in the shower with our exfoliating Body Polish or refreshing Body Wash and allow the fragrance to lift you up!

2. Move your body

Daily movement is important not only for physical health but also for mental health. The endorphins produced after a run (often referred to as runner's high) is a fantastic example of the benefit exercise has on your overall wellbeing. Of course, running isn't for everyone so find movement that works for your body and schedule. Walking outdoors may soothe you with the welcoming fresh air, or boost your mood with a dance in your kitchen. Any form of movement can help decrease stress levels and improve your overall mood. 

3. Listen to uplifting podcasts

Stop doomscrolling and start listening! Be mindful of the content you consume and try to find podcasts that help you improve, whether it's a podcast to help you learn something new or one that focuses on wellness. 

Our top podcast pick is With Intention by Cami Sophia.

4. Write a list of things you're grateful for

Sometimes we all need a reminder of what brings us joy in our lives. With social media taking over we often find ourselves constantly comparing our lives to others which may make you feel down. Instead, actively seek out fun and joy and watch your mindset change over time. 

5. Get more sleep

Catching enough Zzz's is extremely important in both physical and mental wellness. Without the recommended hours, you can begin to feel fatigued, irritable and sluggish throughout the day - which doesn't help your mood and reduces brain-power. 

If you struggle to relax and unwind before bed after a stressful day then you might find the introduction of Calm helpful. Simply wash the day away with our Body Wash or nourish your skin with our Hand & Body Lotion and allow the functional fragrance of Lavender & Chamomile soothe your body and soul. The purpose of this collection isn't to overcomplicate your life so if you feel you just need a little piece of Calm, try our Pulse Point Oil just before bed to help you drift off.

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