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Top Tips for Creating a Scentsational Wedding

5 Min Read

5 Min Read

Wedding season is upon us so now is the time to get your last minute wedding inspiration. A big trend in the wedding world is scenting weddings, which is a great way to create a day with memories that will last a lifetime. The wonderful thing about scent is that it triggers memories, which is why couples are opting to scent their special day, so whenever they smell their chosen fragrance, it will bring them back to that time. 

Do you want to ideas on scentscaping your wedding? We've got the perfect tips for you. 

Wedding centrepiece ideas with a vase of flowers, ARRAN Sense of Scotland candles and favours on the dinner plates of ARRAN Sense of Scotland miniature Bath & Shower Gels

Scent You 

The main way you can create scent memories is by choosing a new perfume to wear on your special day. To make sure your scent lasts the entire day, we recommend layering with our Bath & Shower Gels and Body Lotion which will not only leave you smelling great for longer, but it will leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. 

When choosing a scent, think about the ingredients and what they represent. We recommend our signature After the Rain scent as it contains rose which is the height of classic romance. 

Scent Your Surroundings 

Another way to add scent into your big day is by lighting Candles - which also makes for gorgeous decor. You can place candles in your dressing room, ceremony room and reception room to use scent throughout the full day. By placing candles in rooms your guests will be in, the scent will also take them back to your special day. 

Scents For Your Guests

Why not pair the scent of your wedding to your wedding favours? Our miniatures found in our Discovery Sets make for great His and Hers, Hers and Hers or His and His favours. By also choosing something they will use, you know it's a favour that won't go to waste! 

Wedding table setting with a large and small candle and miniature ARRAN Sense of Scotland Bath & Shower Gels as favours on the plate
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