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What to get a man for his birthday

By Kira Kemlo

5 Min Read

Finding the perfect birthday gift for a man is all about honouring his unique personality and interests. Whether it's for your partner, father, brother or friend, the right gift shows that you value and appreciate him for who he is. 

It's not all about the gift itself but the thought and effort behind it. Tailoring your gift to him means you’ve paid attention and care about making him happy. Ultimately, giving a meaningful gift is a way to celebrate him. So, if you're wondering what to get a man for his birthday, think about what truly makes him tick.

Understanding him 

When it comes to buying a birthday gift for the important men in your life, considering their interests is key. Whoever it is, knowing that you listen and care about his passions will make the day extra special.

Every man is unique and into their own things. Your partner could be into fitness and technology. In that case a smartwatch or gym gear could make a great gift, or maybe some natural deodorant to combat the gym sweat.

Does your dad love tending to his garden or reading? He might appreciate a selection of shiny new garden tools or a new book. Perhaps a scented candle to go with it, so he can read in the company of a flickering flame. 

Take the time to understand what makes each man light up. It’s such a lovely way to show your appreciation for them.

Choose a fragrance for his birthday 

Choosing a fragrance for his birthday gift is a wonderful idea. Scents are so powerful. They have a unique way of transporting us back in time. Fragrance evokes memories, and emotions along with them. 

Fragrances are deeply personal. They can become part of our self expression. His birthday gift can become his signature scent. His new fragrance might make him feel more polished and put together. It can be a real boost to a man’s self confidence. After all, we all like to know we smell good, don’t we?

We offer a lovely range of gorgeous, masculine fragrances inspired by nature.

Sannox is a very popular range with its leather and amber notes. Lochranza is delicately spiced. Perfect for those who enjoy rich, warmly floral scents. 

If he prefers something fresh and invigorating, Machrie combines rock rose, sea salt and mandarin for a refreshing and uplifting aroma. 

Even his deodorant needn’t be basic. We offer a selection of natural deodorants that are as functional as they are beautifully fragranced.

Our fragrances don’t just smell amazing. They also capture the power of nature. They're especially appealing for men who love the outdoors and natural scents.

Or a home fragrance

Give the gift of a beautiful smelling home. Home fragrances will allow him to create a sanctuary in his own house. He could even use it at the office, to give him a moment of relaxation and peace.

From scented candles to reed diffusers and room sprays, we have everything you could ever need to gift him a revitalising sensory experience. 

Bath and body gifts 

Functional with a little bit of luxury thrown in. Treat him to a body care gift set that will add to his daily grooming routine. Mix and match scents that you think he’ll adore.

You could begin with a shower gel. Refreshing and invigorating to the senses, our Glenashdale Grapefruit Bath and Shower Gel is ideal. Deliciously crisp green leaf, grapefruit with a citrusy zing of lemon create a shower that refreshes like no other. 

Follow up with nourishing body lotions from our After the Rain or Apothecary collections to keep his skin hydrated and smooth.

For a deeply relaxing escape, consider aromatic bath salts like our Mindful Lemon and Patchouli Bath Salts. As part of our Naturals range, this product’s ingredients are of 99% natural origin – perfect for relaxing and unwinding in the goodness of nature.

And don't forget about shaving products for a post-bath treat. We’ve got soothing aftershave balms and moisturising shaving creams that will leave his skin feeling refreshed and cared for. 

Find the perfect birthday gift for him

Whether he loves nature-inspired fragrances, luxurious bath and body products or captivating home scents, we’ve got a huge range of thoughtful gifts that are sure to delight. 

Discover our selection of masculine fragrances, deliciously scented shower gels, room sprays and more. Each product is made with the utmost care, inspired by the natural beauty of our beloved island home. Find his perfect gift now.

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