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What to get your best friend for her birthday

By Kira Kemlo


Choosing what to get your best friend for her birthday is a wonderful chance to show how much you value your friendship. It could be a personalised journal for her to write out all those big dreams. Is she a foodie? Maybe a cooking class together would be fun. It could even be something silly as part of an inside joke you share. 

When you choose something meaningful, it becomes a fond reminder of your friendship every time she sees or uses it.

Understanding her

The perfect gift for a friend is something that speaks to her as a person. Start by noticing what she loves – does she light up at the mention of a hobby or a particular topic? A gift centred around something she has a genuine interest in is sure to be a big hit. 

Pay attention to her favourite scents. Look at the colours she wears most. Does she have a go-to skincare brand or maybe a favourite tea flavour? All these little details are things that make her, her. They’re helpful pointers towards a gift that's specifically tailored to her tastes. The more personal, the better. 

Regardless of what the gift is, the meaning behind it is what matters most. Perhaps the best gift of all is just to feel seen. To be fully understood and loved by the people you hold most dear. 

Choose a fragrance for her birthday

Gifting a friend a gorgeous fragrance for her birthday is the perfect gesture. 

Scents that speak to us often do so for personal reasons. Perhaps they bring back certain memories. A signature scent can also make you feel a certain way when wearing it. Confident, more attractive. Happier, carefree.

Choosing a fragrance that she loves shows you pay attention. You know what scents she gravitates towards, and you care about the things she likes.

Consider our luxurious range of scents. Both sophisticated and versatile, our delightful fragrances will make a wonderful gift. Whether your friend prefers floral, citrus or woody notes, our collection has something to suit every taste.

From our stunning Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Eau de Toilette to the gorgeous After the Rain Eau de Toilette, the ideal scent is just waiting for her. Each tells a unique story inspired by the beautiful, rugged Scottish isle that we call home.

Or go with a home fragrance 

Gift her a beautifully fragrant escape with our collection of home scents. They’ll transform any living space into a haven of relaxation. We have everything from sweet, fruity blends to refreshing citrus.

Choose a reed diffuser, scented candle or room spray that matches her personality and preferences. Home scents won’t just help her favourite spaces smell divine. They’re a useful and memorable birthday treat. It's a gift that keeps on giving, infusing her home with calm serenity.

Luxury bath and body gifts for her birthday

Treat your friend to an amazing sensory self-care experience with our bath and body products. Music, soft, silky lather and of course, our captivating scents. 

Each of our products is made with the utmost TLC. From start to finish, luxurious, uplifting self-care is at our forefront. Whether it’s a revitalising shower gel enriched with essential oils or a creamy body lotion infused with shea butter. Even our natural deodorants are made with luxury in mind. Soothing and kind to the skin, but still deliciously scented.

Imagine unwinding in a bath or shower filled with the soothing aroma of iconic blends like Kildonan or Glenashdale. Treat your friend to a spa experience in her own home. 

Find an inspirational gift with ARRAN 

Celebrate your best friend in style this year. Why not host a relaxing spa day at home? Feature some of our indulgent bath salts, beautiful candles and body lotions for a special pampering treat. She’ll love it – and so will you. It’s such a great way to spend time together, as you create new and lasting memories. 

If a spa day isn’t on the cards, not to worry. You could also put together a unique gift basket using our personalised gift builder. Fill it with hand creams, fragrances, home scents and more. Encourage her to take a breath, relax and unwind on her special day.

Explore our diverse range of indulgent treats to find the perfect gift for her and create unforgettable moments for the lady you love.

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