Working With The Arran Trust

By Kira Kemlo

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At ARRAN Sense of Scotland we're proud of our Island heritage and unspoiled way of life. Every sunrise, blade of grass, droplet of water on the Isle of Arran has inspired our bath, body and home products since 1989. Our fragrances transport you to our favourite locations across our Island home with inspiration from revitalising Glenashdale Falls to beachy freshness with Kildonan and everything in between. 

In August last year, we launched ARRAN Naturals - an environmentally conscious range with wellbeing at its heart. This new line includes 3 Expressions, Calm, Mindful and Awaken, with a focus on functional fragrance which offers users both mental and emotional benefit, alongside 100% natural fragrance. One of our key goals is to become more sustainable and ARRAN Naturals helps to do just that with 100% recyclable packaging including aluminium bottles, recycled bottle tops and cardboard. 

We're excited to announce 5% of every ARRAN Naturals sale made in our Home Farm shop on the Isle of Arran will be donated to the Arran Trust.

Outside of ARRAN Sense of Scotland shop on Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Who are the Arran Trust?

Tourism and conservation working in partnership

The Arran Trust is the Isle of Arran’s visitor gifting scheme and funds projects which look after the beautiful landscapes and environment, working alongside businesses and community groups to improve sustainable practices and safeguard the island’s future.

For Islands like Arran, the tourism industry is vital to the local economy, therefore looking after the Island is crucial. The Arran Trust is an independent charity and relies on supporters to continue their work, with money raised going towards conservation, sustainability practices, environmental works, heritage and community projects. 

Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran, Scotland

Our Partnership with the Trust

“We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with the Arran Trust and work with them to preserve everything that is special about our island home. The Isle of Arran is our home and inspiration and remains a key priority as we continue on our sustainability journey as a business. We will be donating a £1 for every Naturals product sold through our Home Farm store to the Arran Trust, so they can continue their amazing work across the island.” - Kevin Meechan, CEO of ARRAN Sense of Scotland

As part of our partnership with the Arran Trust, we have also committed to the Arran Pledge, a promise to respect the Isle of Arran. We encourage all of our customers to join us in the Arran pledge and protect our island home. 


The Arran Pledge Checklist

Find out more about our Sustainability Journey here

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